July 11, 2006

the off season

July is always a difficult month for fans of the EPL.

There's absolutely nothing going on; apart from transfer rumours, which are hardly ever true and only serve to prop up sales for the tabloids and online football sites.

No Shebby-fied punditry to knock.
No major wins to celebrate.
No reasons for a victory dance.
No losses to moan about.
No dives or head-butts to poke fun at.
No excuse for HantuBola gatherings.

So what should we do during this month?

I guess we could do something about the template; but after what happened at the last attempt, we might need more than a few weeks to sort that out.

We could pay someone to come up with a really posh new template design; but here at HantuBola we believe in getting our priorities right. Money is meant for booze (and mixers for the teetotalers), not template designs.

We could watch the Malaysia Cup, but I can't seem to find a reliable source to help me catch up with what's going on there. Does anybody even know who is in Group D? Trying to find table standings online after three matches is like trying to find a Malaysian jersey at the shops, I tell you.

So how?

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