July 19, 2006

The Italian Player-Sale Rumour Generator

You know what? In the void of the sports pages left by the World Cup, they are filling it with super-exciting M-League action the rumours about the player transfers from the 4 scandal hit Serie A clubs. Everybody and anybody who thinks they've got cash wants to buy over-priced aging player going at supposedly 'cheap' prices.

Tell you what. You can generate your own head lines or rumours and spread it like wildfire through your forums and blogs.

Okay, here's what you. Take a template:

"I heard ___(interested party)___ is interested in buying ___(player name)___ for ___(price tag)___."

Okay, then randomly pick an item from the 3 lists below and fill in the blanks above, starting with "interested party":


  • Chelsea
  • Man United
  • Arsene Wenger
  • Posh Spice
  • Johor FC

Next pick a player on sale:


  • Fabio Cannavaro
  • Pavel Nedved
  • Lilian Thuram
  • Luca Toni
  • Patrick Vieira
  • Gianluigi Buffoon Buffon
You can add any player in the list. Then finally pick a price. Randomly.


  • 42million
  • 74million
  • 800k
  • in exchange for 50% ownership of club
  • 2.4billion rupiah upfront, 14million annually for the next 24 years, including appearances
  • 188million plus Ashley Cole

Voila! there you have it! Your very own headline / rumour generator! YOu can even add your own ones like these:

"'The rumours are not true, I am not interested in signing ___(player name)___', says ___(interested party)___."

You get the idea. Go try it yourself. Can some smart IT guy program a automatic generator like those in blogthings?

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