June 15, 2006

treasure hunt

For some reason, I haven't be really into this World Cup. Up until last night, I had only watched ONE full game (England v Paraguay). And that's actually because I was in Finnigans surrounded by booze and drunken Englishmen and their SPG girlfriends. Otherwise, I fell asleep on the 42nd minute of Germany's opener, got pissed because Wenger showed he was a genius in selling Vieira, and turned off the TV after Jan Koller got injured.

Unlike the herd that gets hyped out over the World Cup, I find it extremely difficult to find any passion for teams which I have no allegiances to. I struggle to find the same passion that drives us on during the league season. If at all, I should be supporting England, but 3 years of listening to their press whine about their supposed superiority has made me hate them (and with a passion, too).

Cleaning out my closet the other day, I realised that I owned six original Manyoo jerseys, three fakes, one Brazil jersey and one England jersey. Never mind that I bought only one myself (the rest were all gifts), I realised that it is nothing short of a travesty that I didn't have a Malaysian National Team jersey.

So, the other day, I popped by the Nike shop in Midvalley to try to land my hands on one. The butch at the counter scoffed at me when I asked her whether they stocked the Malaysian jersey, "We don't sponsor Malaysia. Go ask Adidas."

And so, I have been spending the last two days trying scout out a shop that sells a jersey that we should all own (but evidently don't). All I got was a big fat NADA. Not to mention the stares I received from the shopkeepers - because I committed a henious crime of asking to buy my national team jersey.

"Malaysia team jersey? Takde la!"

At one shop manned by a pimply faced college kid who happened to be wearing a Brazillian jersey, he sort of sniggered when I asked him for it. "Malaysian jersey ar? Don't have la friend.." To which I replied, "So, you guys sell a Mexican jersey, but not your own national team jersey?"

Because seriously, WHO THE HELL supports Mexico?!?!

Of course some of you smart asses out there would be going, "Errr...Mexicans?" Yes, but this is Malaysia where there are 24 million Malaysians and 3 Mexicans.

And then I this brilliant idea of going straight to Wisma FAM itself. There, I was greeted by a sweet hitam manis princess who explained that they used to sell it once upon a time, but apparently Adidas has stopped manufacturing the jerseys a few months ago.

"So maksudnya, seluruh Malaysia ni, takde chan nak beli jersey tu?
"Betul, buat setakat ni memang takde"
"So bila dia orang buat yang baru?"

Not one to be easily disheartened I gave 1 Utama a try today thanks to a tip-off from Naz. However, I got the same response from the people at the Adidas shop there, citing that they have stopped manufacturing it.

So since I was in the area, I checked out the surrounding stores. There was this store which sold jerseys and the likes I walked in, asked the staff (who answered no) and as I was on my way out, an AhBeng strolled in and asked for a Japan jersey with 'Nakata' written on the back. And boy, did he bitch when they said they don't keep stocks of Japan jerseys with a player's name.

I really don't know what to make out of all this. Adidas probably stopped manufacturing the jerseys because nobody wants to buy them. Which is sensible, because I have learnt that Malaysians rather buy Mexico jerseys and 'Japan Nakata' jerseys even though those two teams are quite frankly, RUBBISH.

Yes, yes, I can hear you all screaming that Malaysia's national team is shitty so nobody wants to buy their jerseys, but then how do you explain all the Liverpool jerseys around?!?!

We are going to be in Souled Out on Friday night for the two games which sound awesome. There will be Jameson at the table (not Jenna, though). Come along and join the fun la....

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