July 02, 2006

Penalty Pansies

After watching the England match, I noticed that:
  • English players don't know how to take penalties.
  • Paul Robinson doesn't know how to save penalties
  • The Chelsea players managed to fulfill their promise to their Portugeuese manager to miss every single shot in the game. Even the penalty.
  • A Man Utd player got sent off thanks to another Man Utd player, who then went on to score the winning penalty.
  • Christiano Ronaldo has a real fucking despicable face that makes you wanna slap him in the face and kick him in the stomach until he pukes and drowns on his own puke, especially after he scores penalties. Oh wait, all Man Utd players look like that.
  • Sven Sen Sen chickened out at the most crucial moment, failing to gamble or take any risks, despite have an 'exciting young thing' on the bench that he 'gambled' to bring Germany, instead bringing on a defender not very well-known for taking penalties.

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