January 30, 2006

finding faults

A sign of a club's greatness can often be determined by the way they are treated by the general public and by the stinking FA and the fucked up British press. For instance, Chelsea and Micheal Essien have been slaughtered in the press for those two tackles - which were no doubt horrific, but not something Steven Gerrard hasn't done before.

As for Manyoo, we have proven that we are not a spent force time and time again this season. And as a punishment for that, we keep getting slaughtered for shit that happens on and off the pitch. The latest incident of course is the outright biased judgement of the FA and the Greater Manchester Police force (all obviously stinking City fans) in proscecuting our great Captain Neviller.

Fergie: "Neville is being victimised"

Furious Sir Alex Ferguson has blasted the Football Association's compliance unit and claimed Gary Neville has only been landed with an improper conduct charge because he is a Manchester United player.


And, to provide evidence for his claims, Ferguson cited the examples of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher during the Merseyside derby on December 28, and Robbie Fowler's reminder to United fans of Liverpool's five European Cup wins at Eastlands earlier this month.


"Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher ran the full length of the field with their fists raised at the Everton fans recently and not a word was said.

"At Manchester City, Robbie Fowler ran past our fans showing five fingers, our fans surged to the front and the stewards had real trouble dealing with them and not a word was said then either.

"The FA compliance office only reacts when the press writes it. That is a fact and it can't be right.


In terms of consistency, the greatest injustice was committed by the Greater Manchester Police who were the first to complain about the whole ruckus. But this is absolute bollocks because the incident with Fowler's 5 fingers happened just the week before...in MANCHESTER.

I was pissed with Fowler for scoring, but I didn't fault his celebrations. A player who has played for Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City and doesn't hate Manyoo would be nothing short of a mercenary. Similarly, any Liverpool fan who doesn't hate a full blooded Red like Captain Neviller would be looney, but surely there was nothing wrong with him taunting them the same way they taunted him?

And as for you JAMIE "I've got a girl's name" Carragher, shut the fuck up already about Neville crossing the line. He didn't fucking throw a coin into the crowd did he?

January 28, 2006

Welcome home to the Kop, God!

This morning, I was awaken at an ungodly 11am on a Saturday morning by an SMS from Sashi, which said:


My first thought was:


So I reluctantly got up, went online, surfed to Soccernet, and saw this:

Fowler rejoins Liverpool

No, I couldn't believe it either. So I went to Guardian Unlimited, and saw this:

Fowler retraces his steps to Liverpool for free

Wow, God really IS back.

But like I said.... WHY? Well I guess it could only mean one thing - Cisse is on his way out. After his complaints, shooting for the barn's roof when the wall would have suffice during the Man Utd match, and just yesterday, assaulting his pregnant wife (which I DESPISE very much), maybe Benitez thinks it IS time to ship him out after all.

AND bring back an Anfield legend at the same time.

Ok, Fowler may 30 and a little washed up right now, and he hasn't played regularly for Man City. But he still scored a damn fine goal against Man Utd, and a hattrick in a cup tie recently. So maybe he isn't THAT washed up after all.

But anyway, he's still an Anfield boy, and I'll still welcome him back, mostly because of this five finger salute after scoring the third goal against Man Utd during the derby recently:

Welcome back to the Kop, God!

Now help us turn that one handed salute into a one-hand + one-finger salute....

January 27, 2006

HANTU BOLA in The Star!

Guess who got mentioned in the Football section of The Star today?

Sea of Red
By Debbie Chan

HUNDREDS of football fans dressed in red turned up at SOULed Out bistro in Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, to watch one of the biggest matches of the EPL last Sunday. The game between Manchester United and Liverpool was screened live on a large TV screen in the event coorganised by ESPN Star Sports.


Vincent Lau, founder of the football site hantubola.blogspot.com and MU fan, said that Liverpool have always been his team’s biggest rival.


Amidst the sea of red at the bistro, Joe Rodrigo stuck out like a sore thumb with his blue Chelsea jersey.

Joe, who was there with his friends who were fans of either MU or Liverpool, hoped that the big game would end in a draw which would benefit his team.

Joe... Rodrigo???

January 25, 2006

a non-issue

That's what Arsenal have become this season. A non-issue.

Fifth in the league, 25 points behind Chelsea. With a real danger of missing out on a top four finish. Out of the Carling Cup, which was arguably their only chance of a trophy this season. A trip to Bolton this weekend could end their run in the FA Cup. No Bergkamp, Pires and possibly Henry next season.

Looks like Blue is the colour in London.


Blue is the colour, football is the game
We're all together, and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
'cause Chelsea, Chelsea is our name!

January 24, 2006

We're still gonna win the war....

As they did against Chelsea, Manchester United have nicked a fortunate win against a superior team. Short-term elation for them, but for the long haul, Liverpool look a better bet to finish second come the end of the season.
- The Times

Now before anyone says that this is just another sour grapes Liverpool rant, and that the British press are bias against Manure, well, let it be known that this IS what I thought of the game on Sunday, and that I STILL think we're gonna finish above Manure this season.

As Tigerjoe would say: PFFFFBT!!!!!

Anyway, go to this blog here: Verdict from the Press - ManUSA v Liverpool and see what most (supposedly bias) observers had to say about the game.

Thanks to the guys at Unforseeable for the summary of the reports!


PS: Oh, and this quip from Soccernet's Team of the Week cracked me up:

Alex Ferguson: 'He is 6ft 4in, has a big head and great spring, so there is no reason why he shouldn't get more goals.'

Ferdinand? A big head?

January 23, 2006

I fucking hate sucker punches

The Eyeris made-up Quote of the day:

If there's one thing I hate more than losing, it's losing to a sucker punch. - eyeris

Bah, fuck off. I don't wanna talk about it. You can beat your Arsenals and Chelseas and even Liverpool, but when you lose to the likes of Man City, it means we're still gonna finish above you.

PS: At least the night wasn't a TOTAL disaster. The Hantu Bola outing at Souled Out last night was a blast, as:

  • Vincent got had hot mike action with Andrew Leci on live TV (but missed a chance to plug the blog all over Asia)
  • Suanie and Fireangel blew long phallic objects while Paul Tan watched (the three of them later left early to look for a room... I mean, more alcohol)
  • Tigerjoe tried to pick up a Tiger Girl, but eneded up being seduced by Sheikh Haikal,
  • Hot chick Erna sportingly put up with a bunch of annoying football fans for hours,
  • and sic6sense... Thanks for everything dude!!!!


We had Steve Bennett as our referee for last night's game. Shit. I totally blame him.

Today's post is a special message to Mr. Bennett: You suck, and you know you do.



On a somewhat related but not necessarily relevant note; FA can really blow. Suanie blows quite well too, but then she gets tired very fast.

Plus many thanks to sic6sense; you know what you did, even though we didn't until it was done. Cheers, mate.

european champions? you're having a laugh!

Okla, I'll be fair considering we scored in injury time, cleared a ball off the line, and was lucky that Ciise is no Van Nistelrooy. It was an evenly contested game and a draw would have been a fair result. I can't even speak right now, cuz my throat is all sore from the singing and the shouting.

However, I met a lot of n00b manyoo fans who can't seem to sing a song to save their lives (besides Glory glory Man United - which is an absolute shitty song). So, I have taken it in me to educate the glory hunting scousers who might wanna switch allegience at this moment.

This one is called U-N-I-T-E-D and is sung in every game at Old Trafford, without fail.

United are the team for me
With a knick knack paddy wag
Give a dog a bone
Why don't City fuck off home

It is sung in the tune of the famous nursery rhyme, so if you don't know how it sounds like, please shoot yourself in the head. For just now's game, the word City could be conveniently replaced by Scousers.

The next one, and more appropriate for just now's game goes like this:

You are a scouser, An ugly scouser,
You're only happy, On Giro day,

Your mum's out theiving,
Your dad's out drug-dealing,

Please don't take my hubcaps away.

(In the tune of You are my sunshine)

And heck la. I swear.......I tried to be nice and everything......BUT I CAN'T STAND IT!!


European champions? You're having a laugh!

A special shoutout goes to sic6sense. THANKS A BOMB DUDE!

January 21, 2006

Final Reminder of Hantu Bola outing!!!


Sunday, 22nd Jan 2006
Venue: Souled Out in Sri Hartamas
Time: 7pm onwards [not 11pm as mentioned before]

So far, there's gonna be at least 5-6 of us, including Vincent, Tigerjoe, Me, Lyn, maybe S-Kay and Scorkes.

Email Tigerjoe if you're interested to go so he can give you the table booking name. See you guys there!

BTW, you don't HAVE to watch the match (it's only start at 12 midnight). We're gonna be there from 7pm onwards, soooo... you can come on over just to hang out, drink, and laugh at the ESPN shooting crew.


January 18, 2006

A reminder - HANTU BOLA outing

This has been mentioned once before, but a recent development has caused a slight change in plans for the outing to watch ManYoo vs Liverpool.

Date: Sunday, 22nd Jan 2006
Venue: Souled Out in Sri Hartamas
Time: 7pm onwards [not 11pm as mentioned before]

The start time has been changed as Souled Out only accepts table reservations for up to 7pm. A table reservation is going to be especially essential for this Sunday, because ESPN will be doing a live telecast from Souled Out. How do you like that?

Hantu Bola, where are you?
Let's be having you!

Everyone is cordially invited, let me know if you are coming since you will need the booking name when the Souled Out staff ask for your reservation on that day. Tables are going to be limited so we can't really paste that preciousss booking name on this blog.


Simao coming to Selangor!

No, I'm kidding.

I just want to mention that the Benfica management are real greedy chumps.

So here's the apparent story (culled from various sources on the web, which I can't be bothered to link to at the mo', cos I have work to do):

Liverpool's interest in a winger is not a secret. Liverpool's interest in Simao Sabrosa is also well-known. We tried to sign him last summer, but Benfica placed a £15 million price tag on him, and Liverpool do not want to budge past £10 mill. So the transfer fell through.

Now we're trying to sign him again, but same thing happening. However, this time, Benf**ka are bringing in the bogeyman into scaring Liverpool - the bogeyman being blue, rich and based at Stamford Bridge.

They're saying that Chelski are bidding £16 mill for Simao, and there's also rumours (created by Benfica, probably) that MU want to hijack the deal too.

It's all rubbish, of course. The Chelsea money card - like the Real Madrid card a few years ago - is pulled out quite often these days when the selling club is trying to jack up the transfer price. Despite the fact that Mourinho has said that he's not signing any more players during this Jan transfer window following Maniche's loan signing, the Chelsea rumours continue to surface. The fact that Chelski don't need another winger to be placed on the bench is another obvious reason.

Of course, the rumours (which has been played up by News of the World, so that should tell you how credible this all is) try to justify the story by saying Robben will be sold in the summer.

If Mourinho is going to part with one of Chelsea's brighter stars, he's dumber than I thought. But I'm guessing he isn't.

So why am I posting this if all this is rubbish? Because I haven't done much posting here, and I want to post something ahead of the big clash on the weekend... ahem.

January 16, 2006

yet another cipet ref

What does a dickface look like?

His name is Chris Foy. He wants to be just like Steve Bennett.

Mr. Foy, you need to learn the laws of the game all over again. Leaving the field of play is not a bookable offence. And what was that thing about "applying common sense at all times"?


January 15, 2006

In other news...

Being the gentleman that I am, I shall not kick Vincent while he is down. I'll leave that for later. Heehee.

Anyway, 1-0 at home to Spurs, one point behind Man Utd in third with two games in hand... Go figure. OF COURSE I'M HAPPY! HAHAHAHA!

But the result of the evening had to that seven fucking nil game at Highbury.

Poor Middlesbrough. They always seem to get whacked by Arsenal, don't they? They must REALLY hate playing at Highbury now. Good thing they won't be going there again next season huh?

on the bright side


I am left speechless. I have never seen a bigger waste of talent, EVER. If you are Pascal Cygan, you are excused because you never had talent in the first place. But this mongrel should be sent to play for Selangor (because Selangor is in deep shit).

January 14, 2006

Get Your Own Freakin' Russianagese Scouts!!!

So after what feels like light years, we finally inked the deal for not one, but TWO players!... Albeit unproven, but we Gooners have gotten used to that.

We've signed a 19 year old called Diaby from Auxerre and a lanky striker Adebayor from Monaco. And as most of you know, we're supposedly on the verge of signing 16 year old Theo Walcott from Southampton.

But what's up with Chelsea trying to hijack our deals man? First it was Wright-Phillips, then Diaby and now Walcott also they want to potong line? All the friggin money in the world and they can't afford to hire decent scouts? So instead, they outsource their future signings to Arsene Wenger and his scouts. Save time rite? Hell, even Man U felt the brunt of Chelsea's all conquering cash, with the Jon Obi Mikel deal. (BTW, has that been settled yet?)

Well can't really blame them lah. I mean, Arsene's track record with uncovering unknowns/unprovens at rock-bottom prices is second to none. Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Ljungberg, Clichy and arguably Henry falls in this category. Jose tried to do the same with Kezman at £4m but how did he fair? Two words - HAR HAR! Was that a million pounds for each goal he scored?

But having said that, the whole SWP saga may have somewhat opened the eyes of young players seeking a move to the premiership. A high potential future England regular is now a £24m bench warmer at the Bridge. No wonder Walcott prefers Arsenal over Chelsea.

By the way, quote of the year comes from Auxerre vice-president Gerard Bourgoin who said "The choice belonged to Diaby. But Arsene Wenger was better than Jose Mourinho, that's all."

'Nuff said.

January 13, 2006

£15 for a 16 year old?

Arsenal set for £15m Walcott deal

I thought only Chelski like to pay over the odds.

And where is the Arse gonna get the money? Perhaps this next headline provides more clues:

Real Madrid reveal Cole interest

Given that a certain Brazilian leftback is nearing his expiry date, I'd dare say this piece of transfer speculation is more truth than fantasy.

I wonder what Henry'll think of that?

January 12, 2006

REVEALED! The secret of how Burton Albion held Man Utd

Dear Man United fans,

Do forgive me for my gleeful cheering HERE when your team of young players drew with Burton Albion 0-0 in the FA Cup.

I did not know the complete story. It wasn't just the bad pitch, or the fact that Man Utd fielded a team of young players. It was for a completely different reason that the Burton players managed to pull of such a shocking result - they were all taking a highly suspicious and unusual substance!

This was what they were taking that made them so hard to beat that day:

(From The Telegraph)

Bovril gets behind Burton

Burton Albion have gained some unusual support ahead of their FA Cup clash with Manchester United this weekend.

Bovril, which is made in Burton and was once the football fan's half-time drink of choice, has changed its traditional design for the first time in its history as a sign of their backing of the club.
Limited edition jars of the drink with a commemorative label have been produced to celebrate the match this Sunday at Burton's new Pirelli Stadium.

It is the first time Bovril has meddled with its red and black design since it was first invented in the 1870s.

Now, don't you wish YOUR team had beef-flavoured paste to eat before every match?

So there you have it. Because I now know the TRUE reason for Man United not winning against the Brovil Boys, I shall not attempt to chide them on their team not being able to win in last night's Carling Cup semi-final first leg.

After all, it's only the first leg, and it was at Blackburn, and you WERE fielding inexperienced youngsters like Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville as well as backup players like Alan Smith, Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand....

Go have some Bovril before the next leg!

One down, 20 more to go...

Chelsea excuse Cole for being beaten up at party

"Joe went back to a party at Keeley's house with a group of people. He was assaulted by another man. He left the party and got a taxi home. He did not receive medical treatment."

No medical treatment? Man, Chelski's employee benefits suck!

Well, at least I see they got my message. Now pay a visit to Terry, boys....

UPDATE: The funny thing is that Joe boy here is not taking any action against his assailant. My theory? He got fresh with Ms Keeley and she beat him up, and in order to protect their kejantanan, made up a story about getting beaten up by a man.

Btw, if you want to know who Keeley Hazell is, check this out. Yeah, I know.

January 11, 2006



Have you heard the news?

Some guy wants to invest in Liverpool FC. He actually wants to put money into the club for building that new stadium at Stanley Park and buying new players. Sei Chee Sin.

Can you imagine tomorrow's headlines?

Scousers Go Bonkers At Windfall

Liverpool Buy Title

Apparently the so-called investor made his wealth in property and mobile telecommunications. Now he's pledging £1 billion pounds to LFC. The best part is, the feller is actually based in Malaysia. His name?

Dr. Elie Najem


I was planning to knock Arsenal with this, budden I kesian them lor. Already 24 points behind, there's no need to tread on them right?

The Gleeful Sniggering of a Spurs fan

Doo di doo.

I came into the office this morning, all sleepy and bleary-eyed from watching too much "animasi sex" (or whatever genre Naruto is in) last night, and this colleague of mine, who is a Spurs fan BTw, comes up to me and starts chuckling gleefully.

"Hur hur hur," he went, as I looked at him suspiciously. "Have you seen the news?

I replied, "What news? then he switched to Soccernet on his PC, and showed me this headline:

Wigan Athletic 1-0 Arsenal: Scharner dream debut

Oho, so the Gooners lost. BUAHAHA! Oh wait. CEH! It's only the first leg. they're going to Highbury next. Darn.

Then the fella says," Oi, I'm not talking about that lar, I'm talking about THIS":

Hill-Wood: Henry won't hold us to ransom

Heh, no wonder he was sniggering. So much for doing all they can to keep him eh, Arsene?

Barcelona beckons, Thierry!

(Both pictures of Arsenal players taken from Soccernet)

January 09, 2006

FA Cup Fourth Round Draw

The ones that matter:

Portsmouth v Liverpool

Bolton v Arsenal

Millwall/Everton v Chelsea

Wolves v Burton/Manchester United

The others:

Stoke City/Tamworth v Barnsley/Walsall

Cheltenham Town/Chester City v Newcastle United

Coventry v Nuneaton Borough/Middlesbrough

West Brom/Reading v Torquay/Birmingham

Leicester v Southampton

Aston Villa v Port Vale

Brentford v Sunderland

Manchester City v Wigan/Leeds

Preston v Crystal Palace

West Ham v Blackburn

Colchester v Derby

Charlton v Leyton Orient


Looks like Arsenal have got the toughest draw out of the ones that matter, followed by Liverpool. And the rich brats at Chelsea and Man United (if they get through) might get a chance to be, in their own words, charitable again!

**Picture of FA Cup logo or whatever it's called was googled.**

HantuBola Outing - MAN vs LIV

Here we go, here we go, here we go...

It's the Mancs against The Scouse Louse!!!

Date: Sunday, 22nd Jan 2006
Venue: Souled Out in Sri Hartamas
Time: 11pm onwards

Kick-off is at midnight, and some may hesitate at that, but what is a Monday hangover to a real footy fan, right? Come one, come all - bring your friends, darlings and hamster if you must. First three jugs are on me; but don't cry if you are late and Eyeris or Vincent has already polished off the third jug. I will probably be at Souled Out much earlier than 11pm though, as I'll be watching Chelsea take full points against Charlton. *fingers crossed*

There are plenty of scouse fans following this blog, but I'm not sure about ManYoo fans. Anyways, I'll be wearing a red top and helping Vincent deal with the Liverpool fans. After all, seeing the scousers drop points at Old Trafford fits in nicely with the Chelsea agenda. *ppphhhbbbbttttt*

See you all there.


p.s. If we can't get a decent crowd going, the venue might be changed to my place instead. That will depend on what people think though, as I know not many are keen on driving into downtown KL. Look on the bright side though, if we have to move the venue to my place, there's a bottle of single malt calling out to you.
[photo of Stevie G dry-humping Rio Ferdinand was googled]

Who gives a shit?

But of course..........it's a draw. Come to think about it, do I give a shit?

No. I watched the game and read all the match reports. Ok, never mind about the FUCKING BIASED match reports that never did mention the pitch was unplayable and that we fielded kids. I don't think any Manyoo fan who watched the game could have been pissed with the result.


1) Interesting to see our kids play. Haven't seen that in a long time.

2) In central midfield was Ritchie Jones and John O Shea. Ritchie Jones. Who the fuck is Ritchie Jones? Never mind you stupid scousers out there....even I'll admit I've never heard of him. And no, he's not a Burton Albion (was that who we played? I don't even remember) player.

3) Solskjaer started his first game for us in TWO years.

4) Up front was Saha, who had a pretty awesome game, and Guiseppe Rossi who is tearing up the youth league defence but is no where near complete material.

5) At the back, Bardsley produced an awesome performance. A long term replacement for Gary Neville, this bloke this. Pique had his nervous moments but came out pretty alright as well.

6) The pitch was fucked up. Now, before any of you armchair supporters ride off this matter, go and catch the replay. Manyoo's style of play was unrecognisable. There wasn't any dribbling or short nice passes. The pitch didn't allow it. Heck in fact, if nobody told you that Manyoo was playing, you would have thought that Liverpool was playing. Step 1 : Win the ball in midfield. Step 2 : Lump the ball up front. Step 3 : Striker chase the ball.

7) Shut the fuck up about clearance off the lines. Those two clearances were from CORNERS. In corners you are bound to lose headers....that's why you have a goddamn defender standing on the line. That's good defence.

8) We'll pound them at Old Trafford. Who cares about the extra game to play. It's not as if we have busy fixtures.

9) Those Burton dudes did Jack Shite in the second half. They won the ball and hoofed it up even with nobody up there. They packed their box with no less than 7 players at one time, therefore ruling out any shot from distance. This also reminded me of Liverpool vs Barcelona in that Mickey Mouse European Cup a few years ago.

10) Chelsea and Liverpool had scares over the weekend. More embarassingly in fact, they all CONCEDED (none more than Liverpool who's press fabled INVINCIBLE FIRST TEAM DEFENCE - minus the keeper - leaked in THREE goals). Besides, we didn't even need a deflection to equalise.

In fact, I am looking forward to the replay. No, we won't trash them. I think Fergie will field a slightly stronger team, but I think we will still see some kids starting. If you want to laugh, wait for us to lose that game.

Man Utd, The Most Generous Club in the FA Cup!

It's in the nature of us Hantu Bola to take potshots at each other and kick each other when our team goes down. tigerjoe does it all the time, but because HIS bloody team really ARE in no sort of trouble and are bloody winning all the time, we have nothing to shoot him about, except that 300 million pounds, which is hardly vintage "seething until eyes pop out" insult stuff.

Therefore, most of the time, it's up to the Liverpool and Man utd supporters to provide some fun, taking potshots at each other's misfortunes.

So it was that yesterday, when Liverpool JUST managed to scrape past Luton Town in the FA Cup by 5 goals to 3, Vincent decided to bring us back to earth with this:

man.....you liverpool fans memang damn shiok sendiri one leh. bloody LUTON TOWN oso so excited meh?

You should know by now that we're happy with ANY type of win... a whole decade of LOSING does that to you. Haha. Of course, Man Utd have only just STARTED losing, so you wouldn't know that, would you? haha"
Today, I woke up in the morning, surfed my way to Soccernet, and realised that I should rephrase my retort.

Asfter all, Man Utd aren't LOSING at all! No.. far from it. They're merely DRAWING.... To NON-LEAGUE CONFERENCE TEAMS!

Burton Albion 0 - 0 Man United

Hou-Deeney act earns replay

Burton secure replay at Man Utd

Burton Brew up United draw

(Pix Of Burton Albion players looking forward to their trip to Manchester taken from Soccernet.com)

Sure, it's just the FA Cup, and sure, you'll probably crush them 8-0 at Old Trafford.

But you gotta admit, Man Utd HAVE been very generous in the past two FA Cups huh? First you helped the coffers of ANOTHER Conference side Exeter City last season by giving THEM a replay, THEN you decided kindly to present one last trophy to Patrick Vieira during the final, and now, you've decided to be generous again, and help out poor Burton Albion, a team made up of amateurs who probably have to shine their own shoes, and give them an ALL EXPENSES PAID trip to Old Trafford to play football!

The Glazers are so kind! *sniff*

Man Utd, with your extreme acts of generosity, you are proof that the romance of the FA Cup is alive! BUAHAHAHAAHAH!

PS: Did you REALLY think I'd pass up this glorious chance of a cheap shot, Vince? haha. Your turn!

(In other news, Spurs weren't doing so well either, were they? - Leicester 3 - 2 Tottenham)

(And neither is Man Utd's former captain:
Keane debut ends in humiliation)

January 08, 2006

Will He, Won't He?

So Thierry Henry has finally broken silence over his future. That's good news for us, but you wonder if he's saying that because he meant it, or was it just to please his chairman, manager, fans, media and the tea lady?

Ian Wright definitely thinks he'll leave.

I'm 50-50 on this. Being an Arsenal fan since the early 90s has taught me to take everything with a pinch of salt. Overmars won't leave. Petit loves the club. Anelka to fight on. We're signing Robinho. Baptista confirmed. Surrreeeeeeeee...

Back to the Henry argument.. On the one hand, Barca is arguably the best team around at the moment (Chelsea fans, I did say "arguably") and him moving there would be like the icing on the cake.

But on the other hand, does Barca really want to break up the devastating trio of Ronalteetho-Eto'o-Messi? Where's he gonna play? Would Rijkaard want to put Ron or Messi further back into midfield where they can do less damage? Would Henry get to play and be THE MAN that all fans worship at the Nou Camp like the God-like status he currently enjoys at Highbury?

Its just too sad that finally we are moving to a top notch stadium and we don't have Vieira, Bergkamp and possibly Henry leading us out.

What a fucking scare

Luton 3 - 5 Liverpool

Bloody hell. What a fucking scare.

I mostly stayed up just to see how Kromkamp was like, but what a bloody scary game it was.

We should NEVER have been 3-1 down in the first place. The defence has been creaking somewhat in the past two games, and Hyypia had a pretty bad game at Luton. The penalty was largely his fault, and a few other bad passes nearly let Luton through. AND he nearly conceded ANOTHER penalty later. Even Carragher had a pretty bad game by HIS standards, after getting turned by a Luton player for the second Luton goal.

I thought it was all over when Bloody Cisse bloody MISSED A PENALTY. AND when we conceded the penalty, I was gonna go to sleep. I thought my bloody jinx was acting up again. I've Watched THREE GAMES and in the THREE, we've lost, drew or gone behind.

Gerrard was inspired again. What will we do without him? ARGH. His goal was brilliant, and and one rocket from 45 yards out was going so fast I think it would have broken the net if it had gone in. On this kind of form, I'm REALLY hoping he can be another Freak Lampard and stay injury-free for a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME.

Sinama-Pongolle was a GREAT substitution by Benitez. When his goal went in I was SO relieved. Two great goals, and very hard-working too. I vote he gets more chances over Cisse! And Xabi Alonso had two goals from insane distances. Damn cun. Heh.

and Kromkamp? Donno leh. he didn't see much of the ball when he came on at the end of the game. bah.

Oh well. lots of goals. a Liverpool win. I'm happy, and the game was entertaining sial!

(photos taken from BBC Football & Teamtalk.com)

January 07, 2006

stupid thieves

Football club's pennants stolen

Thieves have stolen the contents of a display cabinet from Liverpool Football Club's museum.

A club spokesman said eight pennants presented by opposing teams before each round of the 2004-2005 Champions League competition were taken from the museum


This is the stupidest and funniest thing I have read all week. Why would thieves want to steal such a useless piece of crap from Liverpool? Surely they should know that everything in that museum is worthless??

January 06, 2006

Bitter or what?

Everyone seems to be having a go at Steven Gerrard lately. Particularly the man who famously tried to lure him away over to the dark side and caused so many fans to lose respect for him.

Jose Mourinho writes a weekly column entitled 'Hotel Chelsea' for the Portuguese sports daily 'Record'.

In this section read a translated summary of Mourinho's fascinating insights.

31 December 2005
Boxing Day thrills

Boxing Day was not short on excitement. Goals, mistakes, controversy, thrashings, tactical battles, full stadiums. What I asked my players to do, I understood that my rival managers had asked the same: “Forget that you have to play four matches in eight days."

At Liverpool Gerrard showed that his status gets him off the hook: a double aggression within five seconds and not even a yellow card. Sky Sports, which showed Essien’s aggression on Hamman for a whole week, cyclical every 30 minutes, this time decided it would be a waste of time to worry about replays. Essien suspended, Gerrard ignored.

Aside from Gerrard, Mourinho has also gone out of his way to make a list of all the players who have apparently been let off for potentially ending other players career - just like his beloved Essien - just to prove that the whole world is against Mourinho coz he's SO SPECIAL and the whole world is just SO JEALOUS of Chelsea.

Then Big Sam decided to join the bandwagon.

Allardyce said Sissoko stamped on Diouf, while insisting that Gerrard's studs landing on Kevin Nolan's chest was a deliberate move by the Liverpool skipper.

"I'm very disappointed because there were three major incidents that have been missed in our opinion," said Allardyce, who also believes that Bolton should have had a penalty.

"While we're pleased with the performance we feel we've been on the wrong end of some decisions today and maybe it's cost us two points.

"Firstly Kevin Nolan was brought down by Jamie Carragher with referee Mark Clattenburg waving play on, but he gave Steven Gerrard a penalty which was just as clear as Nolan's.

"There were two nasty incidents here today too. People talk about us being tough but we don't go over the top, but here Gerrard stamped on Nolan and Sissoko stamped on Dioufy and that's clear to see.

"He (Gerrard) has a look to see where he is before he did it so it's clear.

Since Big Sam has got super eyes and think that the referee made bad decisions, maybe he should be a referee or a linesman instead. God knows we do need some new referees in the EPL with more and more "was-it-a-goal-or-was-it-not", nearly-crossed-the-goal-line goals.

Bolton midfielder Nolan has also absolved Gerrard of any wrongdoing after watching the incident back on TV.

He said: "I just think Steven's accidentally stamped on me. His full weight was on his leg so it hurt but it's just one of those things.

"I thought it might have been deliberate at the time because he hurt me. I wanted to have a look at it and I have now and I don't think there was anything in it.

"I don't think anything should happen to him now because it would not be deserved."

Nolan: "It's a man's game, we're gonna get bumps and bruises, just have to get on with it"

It's good to see - whether or not Gerrard did it intentionally - that Nolan, quite unlike most professional footballers, do realise that these are all part and parcel of the game and what's the point of crying like a big girl about it? (Or giggling like a little girl like Vincent over other people's woes! =p)

However, Allardyce refused to take that view on board, stating: "I think Kevin has a clouded view of this because Steven Gerrard is a friend.

"Because he has defended him it does not make what Gerrard did right. For me, it was still a bad foul and the intent was there," quotes The Sun.

Okay, I really don't know WHAT IS WRONG WITH SAM ALLARDYCE. Maybe he thinks that by imitating Mourinho or by insisting that Gerrard did it intentionally, people would regard him as one of those great managers a la Mourinho. Maybe he's just trying to fit in coz despite Bolton being comfortable in mid-table, the focus isn't on them so maybe he's trying to draw attention to himself and his team. I fully expect another long rant about it in one of those articles that he 'writes'. And it's also funny that it was reported by The S*n so maybe it's intentional malice on their part.

"Sometimes people don't like me on the pitch but I am a bad loser and I want to win every time," Diouf told the club's official website.

"The Liverpool match was a big game because we needed to react after Sunderland and Manchester United.

"I have a big character and I don't like it when someone is talking at me.

"I told Carragher to wait because I'm going to score and that's what I did."

Okay, big deal, so you beat Carragher and scored a goal that was also a 'handball'(oh wait, I'm sure it wasn't intentional at all) and yes you showed us how great you are - and also how despicable you are by falling down every 5 seconds and why most Liverpool fans wouldn't be too happy to welcome you back. Don't have to keep gloating about it. Funny how your manager didn't think it was intentional on your part to have such a 'natural reaction' to an opposition player being 5 feet away from you. Or maybe the pitch was slippery or there was mud all over or the pitch was still half-frozen or whatever...

Picture was googled.

January 05, 2006

mid-season appraisal: Big 4

I mentioned before that the holiday fixtures are critical to all EPL clubs, as it can actually make or break the rest of your season. Let's now take a look at how the Big Four have performed:

Arsenal: 2 wins, 2 draws, 8/12 pts
Scouse: 3 wins, 1 draw, 10/12 pts
ManYoo: 2 wins, 2 draws, 8/12 pts
Chelsea: 4 wins, 12/12 pts

My theory back then was that 10 points was the minimum required for any team to even dream of chasing down Chelsea to the league title. This theory might explain why Fergie and Weng Ka have conceded the title; whereas Rafa SupaStar has chosen to not comment until further notice.

Despite the superior performance, Chelsea fans should remain humble and not gloat yet, as the league title is still not decided. For now. The next few weeks could decide matters though, if we look at certain fixtures:

Sat, 14th Jan: LIV vs TOT
Sun, 22nd Jan: MAN vs LIV
Sun, 5th Feb: CHE vs LIV
Tue, 14th Feb: LIV vs ARS

Yup, they are all Liverpool matches. After all, who else is left to challenge Chelsea? Shebby Singh might pipe up with "The Spurs"; but let's keep it real, shall we?

Failure by the Scouse Louse to win any or all of those fixtures could mean that the league title race will be decided by the morning after Valentine's Day. Then we can start to observe how many former ManYoo, Arse and Scouse fans will suddenly proclaim that they heart Chelsea deep deep.


[pic of wannabe Superman taken from The Sun UK, pic of Frank Lampard googled]

January 04, 2006

asshole of the year

Look, bitch...no amount of praying is going to change the fact that you are a fucker

Yes, I know we are only 4 days into the new year, but this monkey faced cow gets my nomination to be the WORST EVER manyoo player in recent time. Forget Djemba Djemba and Kleberson, this imitation asshole is the worst of the lot.

Its not because he can't play football. He showed against Bolton and against Milwall in the FA Cup finals that he IS a good footballer. That he CAN play when he wants to. And that's why its even more irritating. With Kleberson, you knew he was useless and there was only so much you could expect out of him. But with Ronaldo, you put him on the pitch not knowing whether he would have the mood on that day to run after a stray ball or to actually PASS the goddamn ball.

Showboating makes for awesome football...but you DO NOT do such shit when you are losing. Not when you need a result. Not when your team is depending on you. Not when your strikers are waiting for a pass. I saw numerous times when he could pass it, but decided to do a fucking step over, and by the time he was done with it....the Arsenal defence had tracked back. And when you have an OPEN GOAL you fucking tap it in, not blast the thing and end up getting it at the back of the stands, you brainless asshole. Even I know that and I'm no pro.

And when you are playing on the same wing as Pascal Cygan and you can't get past, you know you don't deserve to play football, not even for Selangor, not even for Doncaster Rovers and certainly not for Manyoo (I'll be fair...maybe he is good enough for Liverpool).

The problem is he is a self centered bitch who doesn't know teamwork like yesterday, when it was the 85th minute or something and we had a free kick and everybody pushed up, this fucker decided to have a shot ala Roberto Carlos from something like 45 yards. Fuck....was he hoping for a deflection? With that many players in the box, not even Frank Lampard would have been able to deflect it in. Or that time against Benfica when we needed a result and he was fucking juggling the ball IN THE WRONG FUCKING DIRECTION.

Its not always that I disagree with Fergie. This asshole has to leave. If Chelsea want to buy him....good. He will probably fuck them up and then maybe we can win the title.

Clean Sheets all Around!!!!

Thank goodness I didn't stay up for this match.

Arsenal 0 - 0 Manchester United

Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd: Stalemate at Highbury

Arsenal 0 Man Utd 0

Wow, banyaknya kosong. Well, on the bright side, you've got clean sheets all round!


January 03, 2006


Four matches within eight days.
The maximum twelve points taken from all four matches.
Fourteen points ahead of everybody else.

Only ten goals conceded after 21 matches, 46 goals scored at an average of 2.2 goals per game. Better than anybody else in the league.

Who's the man?

He's here, he's there, he's every-fucking-where! Frank Lampard, Frank Lampard, Frank Lampard!

Bah. It HAD to end at Bolton, didn't it?

FUCK! No record 11 straight wins! FUCK!

TWO defensive errors, TWO bloody goals conceded. There goes our 'Best Defense in the Premiership' title.

I HATE it when Liverpool play Bolton. I knew the minute I saw Traore on the teamsheet, we were NOT gonna win it. Hyypia had a bad first half, and even Carragher could have given away a penalty.

I also think I damn jinx. I didn't watch the last three matches, and we won all of them. And funnily enough, the matches I DID watch - yesterday's match and the World Club Championship Final - we DIDN'T win.

Maybe I should stop watching the matches.

Bah. Fuck it all, I'm going to sleep.

January 02, 2006

ConspirARSEy Theory

First of all, Happy New Year to the fellow bloggers and readers. 2005 was indeed a great year for both myself and Skay, career wise and accademically, respectively.

Too bad about the Arse...

I haven't been online in a while, no thanks to work commitments. But I was surprised (and hopeful) when I read this http://www.football365.com/news/story_172971.shtml on F365 today.

Anyway, Skay and I were watching the Villa VS Arsenal game on Saturday, and it was a PATHETIC display in midfield! Fabs is no ball winner, and with all the games he's had, being young is not an excuse anymore. Flamini... Well... There's no way he can be Vieira can he?

So my girlfiend asked me, why the hell then did Arsenal sell their captain? (Of course she didnt say hell lah, but lately she's been cussin' a lot!)... And I was stumped! I don't know why, honestly (no, not why she's been cussin' so much, but why Vieira was sold).

I've given it some thought though, so this is my Top 10 reasons why Arsenal sold Vieira:-

1. Arsene Wenger left his glasses at home (as usual). He ter-sold Vieira when all along he wanted to sell Gilberto.
2. "Redcurrent" just wasn't his colour.
3. The new stadium was costing a bomb, so the ceiling was built at a maximum height of 6'2". Unfortunately, Jens Lehmann (and Peter Crouch) will not be able to play at the Emirates next year. We should be looking at buying Shay Given or Casillas.
4. The Arsenal kit-man wasn't too pleased having to wash the Vicks Vapourub off Pat's jersey.
5. The kit-man was even more pissed when the rest of team started using Vicks. Again, costs of the stadium was escalating, so we needed to save on laundry expenses.
6. We've already vacated the jersey numbers 2, 5 and 6, so we got rid off 4 this year. We'll be looking at losing 3 and 7 next year.
7. Juve convinced Pat that racism was improving in Italy these days.
8. Paddy was complaining that his book had no plot twists. David Dein obliged.
9. David Dein lost a bet to the Glazers, and the winner got to keep their captain... Oh well...
10. Our physio, Gary Lewin discovered "Insta Grow" for the kids. The formulae is yet to be perfected...

interesting survey

Taken from www.football365.com

After I saw that and started laughing, I then started thinking.....only 9/100 people are Chelsea fans! NINE PERCENT?!?! That's a ridiculously low figure for a team that is doing so well. You would expect all the glory hunters to pounce. Heck, even a shitty team like Liverpool have more fans than that when the have people as ugly as Riise and Gerrard.

Anybody care to humour me?

January 01, 2006

A Quickie!

Like Bex, I also have been quite naughty and have not finished posting up the other four players which I don't like but seeing that it's New Year's Day today ... I just feel like it's not right to be bitching on the first day of the year.

Y'know .. bad karma and all that sh*t.

I've been busy tweaking my new blog template and also settling last minute end of the year crap at work. So. Tak de masa mahu post kat sini


when I was at the hawker stall, this headline on Malaysian Today caught my eye ....


...... and I knew I HAD to post. This kind of info all must share share wan right?

*tee hee hee hee*

All I want to give the players for Christmas is...

I'm surprised that Eyeris hasn't sacked me yet for taking SUCH a long time to come up with the list of other players that I hate but I was on holiday (and missed the Newcastle game AND Merseyside Derby due to the fact that the stupid resort I was at ONLY had Star Sports. What kind of resort has Star Sports and NOT ESPN???!!!) for quite some time and still find it hard to come up with a definitive list.

Anyway, since I'm still in a Christmas-y mood, I'm gonna post a list of things that I would happily give to my team for Christmas if only it was possible to do so.

Steven Gerrard - Anti-wrinkle cream.

Jose Reina - I don't know really. Maybe nail polish to paint his nails with when he has nothing to do in games. Which is quite often.

Steve Finnan and Jamie Carragher - Some sort of elixir that will make them young forever and ever coz I love them and they're two of the most underrated and best defenders in the Premiership. Also, my Most Improved Player of the Season and Best Player of the Season respectively.

Sami Hyypia - Sami needs to do something with his smile. It seems to be perpetually stuck to his face.

Djimi Traore - New legs, perhaps. So he won't keep sliding off the ground like Bambi on ice.

John Arne Riise - I'm sick of the orange hair. So maybe a new hair dye colour.

Stephen Warnock - A bit of pace and more games.

Harry Kewell - A HAIRCUT!

Didi Hamann - Well, I think Didi is in the last few years of his career so I hope he wins something nice this year and scores a few goals if possible!

Xabi Alonso - Xabi has this wispy look that gets him looking sad all the time! So maybe Sami can loan him his cheesy smile. But it would look weird on him.

Luis Garcia - A few inches in height and a few pounds in weight.

Momo Sissoko - More patience and new legs in case he overruns his current ones!

Fernando Morientes - Lots and lots of chocolate cake and a few goals!

Djibril Cisse - A new haircut and a brand new attitude.

Peter Crouch - Seems to be on top of the world at the moment and isn't in desperate need of anything. Well, maybe nicer teeth and a less Roger-Rabbit-like face.

And how can I forget Rafa and Pako? I would probably give them some sort of miracle hair growth cream (but actually I think they look fine just as they are) and any sort of modern technology that they would need to acquire in order to imprve the way we play. Plus, enough money to get the right players to strengthen the team!

Oh and after hearing about Owen's injury, I would've liked to give him a new metatarsal bone as well.