May 04, 2006

Professional Opinions

We have decided that you average football fans know jack shit about football and about blog templates, so we have decided to interview some professional managers to get their opinion on the controversial topic of the blog layout of the hantubola template.

We asked them, "People have been critisizing the HantuBola template. What do you have to say in response to all those critisisms?"

Jose Mourinho : This is ridiculous. This is the worst site to write for. We every day come up with good shit. We are the best damn football blog out there, you know. We have good team of writers, we write poetry, but you journalists only know how to critisise the small matters. In this blogosphere, there is only PPS, then after PPS there is God, and then after God...HantuBola.

Gerard Houllier : Ah, we are turning the corner. We are learning all this HTML thing. We expect to turn the corner very soon.

Arsene Wenger : I don't see anything wrong with it. No, no. I don't see anything.

Claudio Ranieri : Aaah, we are a young team. Like a little children. Children will learn. After children learn then children will become lions. Lions are strong. We will face the problem like lions. We are growing, everyday and learn everyday.

David O'Leary : The fans and readers have to be more understanding. It is not our fault. We have been crippled by work and haven't been able to spend more time on the template. We will get there. Slowly, but surely.

Kevin Keegan : That accusation is rubbish! Absolute rubbish! This undermines our professionalism! I will LUV it when we prove you wrong! LUV' IT!

and finally,

Sir Alex Ferguson : You'se are all fucking idiots! HantuBola has a fucking good template. You'se don't know your blogs. Fucking idiots!


Update by eyeris (3:05am)

After more than 3 hours and playing around with the template until 3am, I've finally got the 'new' template going.

The reasoning behind this 'new' template of mine is that if it ain't broke, why fix it? So I used back the old template, added borders, changed some colours, and added a spanking new header.

Problem is, while the site works perfectly (well, ALMOST perfectly) on Firefox, it's a little wonky on Internet Explorer.

The moral of the story? What the hell are you still using IE?!?!?!? CHANGE TO FIREFOX RIGHT NOW!!!!

The header is still off-center on BOTH browsers though. Anyone know how to fix it?

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