July 06, 2006

So Its The Final Already

So we come to the final of the World Cup already. There's a 3rd-4th placing match, but it's like the Intertoto Cup, nobody watches it except the supporters involved.

So its Italy versus France, Azurri vs. Les Bleus.

Italy, i'm never been much of a fan, but i must say their new style of attacking footie is a lot easier to watch then the old defend the one-nil lead.

France, well, even with Gunner Henry, they're never been inspiring. A lot depends of Zidane... but everyone knows that, especially Italy's defensive midfielders...

Word on the street is Italy, but me not mucho into gambling.

Germany, i doubt many seriously believed they'd win, but it kinda shows what an inexperienced team with limited talent can do with good tactics and self belief.

Portugal, ho, ho. i would have to say they did well, except they didn't have a kick ass striker to win the games. Someone like Rui Costa. Or Paulo Futre (well, okay, he wasn't a striker, but he was damn good). The less said about Cristiano Ronaldo the better.

So, come Sunday night, i'd probably be watching good footie, without supporting either team. After that, how many days to EPL start again, ah?

(I haven't blogged much here during the entire WC month, but i've been quietly enjoying the posts here by my fellow contributors. Between work and trying to stay awake throughout the day, can't really say I've done much else either...)

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