June 21, 2010


Ya know, I really really love the awesome Maxis ads along the highway an on TV that relive the glory of Malaysia qualifying for the Olympic Games way back in 1981 (Unfortunately, Malaysia boycotted the Olympics that year. Sigh).

I especially like the one of Arumugam aka. Spiderman along the NPE in Subang. Awesome ad, that.

But seriously, I think this particular picture PWNs them all:

Mokhtar Dahari and Diego Maradona! Side by side! EEEE BANGGANYAAAA!

(Funnily enough, both their initials consist of the letters D and M. Just saying.)

Taken from someone's FB profile, who also 'stole' it from a friend. Thanks mate! This is freaking AWESOME!

June 19, 2010

captain wanker

If you've been reading HantuBola long enough, you should know this. If you're new, allow us to reiterate:

NEVER BET ON ENGLAND. But if you do feel you must bet, then always bet on their incompetence.

Liverpool and England's Captain Wanker

The Chief Kaizer

England 1 - 1 USA

"Stop going backwards you dumb English pricks!"

France 0 - 2 Mexico

"It is without doubt that the French Fries are for the moment
(or for a long time) the biggest disappointment of the World Cup."

Germany 0 - 1 Serbia
(just 5 days after whipping the Aussies 4-0)


June 11, 2010

Kamon Mesia!!

Sempena Piala Dunia FIFA 2010, marilah kita bersama-sama menaikkan taraf pengulasan Malaysia dengan membantu Uncle Hasbullah menyebut nama-nama pemain. Katakan BOLEH.

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh.

Abu Bakar Sagna
Abu Dihabi
Jujur Ribery
Zakar Terry
Jo Hati
Peter Bongkok
Jujur Lampard
Pepet Reina
Alvaro Payudara
David Perak
Cik Fabregas
Ryan Bebel
Zakar Layang-Layang
Robin bin Faraj
Gigi Beruk
Lionel Pengotor

Tambah mana perlu, although Rio Ferdinand tak perlu, Hasbullah sudah tahu. (Hey, that rhymes too).

Whether you are a casual fan, a die-hard nutter or simply watching footie for the blokes, have a great WC 2010 people.

June 09, 2010

In other news...

With too many macho players like Tim Cahill and Arteta, Everton takes the advice of their captain (who missed being part of Men.United), and tries to appeal to their players' feminine side:

BTW, Is that a cock I see on that pink shirt?

June 05, 2010

Tara Rafa

Thank you for going all the way to the England training camp to persuade Stevie not to go Chelsea and to tell Carra how much he is valued.

Thank you for telling Djimi to go take a shower during the half time at Istanbul.

Thank you for GOD's Second Coming

Thank you for the F.A Cup.

Thank you for the Charity Shield

The ugly tries harder

Thank you for Athens.

Thank you for Rosy Cheeks.

Thank you for praying for the club.

I have to admit I'm not your most loyal fan. Many times I was frustrated by your actions. I'm feeling ambivalent about you leaving though. And I can't just let you go without saying goodbye.

I know you thought you did your best. Look how much 6 years have changed you. Was it emotional eating, Rafa?

Thank you Rafael Benitez. Best wishes.

Favourite Rafa quote:
"I have to rush to the hospital because (arjen) robben is dying."

p/s: I love your goatee! Honest.