July 01, 2006

We'll Cry For You Argentina .....

..... or at least Eyeris will, cause Argentina is OUT. FINISH. KAPUT. MUAHAHAHA!

That's why la ... ask you to support Brazil you dowan. :)

Yes, it was a good match and the regular Hantu Bola-ers were there: Din, Vincent, Sic6Sense, Eyeris, Tigerjoe and friend. Chakri as always will put us right in front of the big screen. The game was a long one as the score remained steadfast at 1-1 peppered with injuries and REFEREE KAYU decisions. That, however, was not all that made tonight's meet such a success.

Today marked the first time ever that Hantu Bola became Mabuk Bola.

Yep, by the time Argentina lost their 2nd penalty shot, Tigerjoe was dancing himself in total jubilation while Eyeris retaliated with obscene hand gestures. Somehow, Vincent found himself losing some of his hard earned money to Sic6Sense.

I'd love to do more recaps but I am tired and sleepy and SICK!

SO here's a parting shot of one more Mabuk Bola victim ... and he had the absolute NERVE to say that Liverpool looks gay.

Who's looking gay now?

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