May 30, 2007

Hantu Bola Post-Season Awards! Give Us Your Nominations!

We now interupt your annual post-EPL slumber for a Hantu Bola post.


You see, we were supposed to come up with a End of the Season awards thingy, but so far, none of us have been able to muster the willpower to compile all the contributers' nominations and awards.

Oh we DO have several categories set already, thanks to the last end season awards HERE, but this time aruond, none of us seem to be bothered to do it again.

So the task once again falls to.... no not me.

I can't be bothered either.

What I AM gonna do now is to post the following categories, and allow YOU, yes YOU the reader of this irreverant and irrelevant blog to decide who should the awards go to.

Which is another way of letting other people do our dirty work, but hey, who said we at Hantu Bola played clean anyway?

On with the categories then... just post your nominations in the comments please tralala.

  1. The Wenger "I Didn't See It" Award
  2. The Chop Souey Award for Worst Manager
  3. The Henchoz Award for Best Goalkeeping by an Outfield Player
  4. The Gary Neville Volleyball Player of the Year Award
  5. The Fu Mingxia Award for Best Diver
  6. The Lampard Award for Deflection of the Season
  7. The Alexi Lalas Award for Worst Hairstyle
  8. The Gui'varch Award for Best Name with an Apostrophe
  9. The Carroll-Garcia Award for Most Controversial Non-Goal
  10. The Winston Bogarde Bench-Warming Award
  11. The Ipswich Award for Most Over-Achieving Team
  12. The Harry Kewell Award for Player That Should Stay Injured Forever
  13. The Juan Veron Award for Biggest Waste of Money
  14. The Stupidest Goal Award
  15. The Djibril Cisse Award for Most Horrific Injury
  16. The Peter Crouch Award for Best Impersonation of a Goal Post
  17. The Richardson award for Worst player for England this season
  18. The Best Excuse for Defeat
  19. The Michael Owen Prize for the player that moves to another club, in the same season his former club makes it to the Champions League final
  20. The "I'm The Man" Trophy for the single most influential individual act that pretty much decides the result of a match

Feel free to add your own categories and awards as well... heh heh.

See, we at Hantu Bola vely democracy wan right???? Marilah mari! Kita mengundi!

May 27, 2007

Liverpool season review


Season ended already. Nothing to do? Nothing to watch?

Well, thanks to a shoutout from Bryan Bong, we still have some quality YouTube to entertain ourselves....that is if you aren't a Liverpool fan.

The Ham Is Beck and McLala Sucks

Beckham gets England recall

After so boldly leaving him out when he took over, Steve McLala has decided to recall Ham the Man, because apparently after losing to Spain 1-0, "It was clear things needed changing and David came into the reckoning then."

All together now. BODOH.

How old is Becker now, 32? 33? How many more quality games will he get to play when he goes to that MLS Retirement Home? The only reason you dropped him was to change things in the first place. You've got way better players and not to mention younger ones in that position now, and calling Pecker back is only gonna deny these players a chance to prove themselves in that position.

Yes, even though you SAY it's not a panic measure, this has all the signs of a manager who is out of ideas and is desperate for a result. "Because thanks to your bloody useless managerial skills, England have not had very good results , have they?

No, England are crap because YOU are crap, Mr. McLala. You were never any good in Boro, churning out team after team that played games that went for 0-0 draws even at HOME, and were even more boring than Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League semi-finals and Chelsea vs Men.United FA Cup finals comibined.

With England, you've got the best players like Gerrard, Lennon, Lampard, Rooney, Terry, Joe Cole, all at your disposal, and STILL you can't win games against opposition like Macedonia... SURELY that can't be down to a lack of funds to 'buy' players eh?

But then again, I don't care. I don't gives two fucks about England anyway, as long as they don't get our Liverpool players injured...

May 26, 2007

the liverpool stealers soccer team


It's me again!

*friendly wave*

I am sorry to have dissapointed you. I know you were all looking forward to me posting a real gloating post last night. See, I wanted to compile all the comments that some of you have made over the last one month or so, and shove it up your Pool-chute.

But then, I got busy with other more pressing stuff (like my own blog) and doing that today would be just bitter because the excitement has died down (mine, not yours, I am sure you guys are still chuffed that you made it to the finals - pretty huge achievement to an otherwise hollow season).

Anyway, like a good football fan, I happened to be reading the news a lot yesterday and today, and in particular about the crowd trouble. No, I don't really give a shit who you think was to blame. But what struck me was a very true reoccuring fact.

Some Liverpool fans stole valid tickets from other Liverpool fans! They actually snatched the tickets out of their fellow Scousers! Fucking thieves, I tells ya! But then again, what did you expect from a city of people who STEAL HUBCAPS?!?

Oooh, and funny joke I read from Football365:

What does Olivia Newton John and Liverpool have in common?
They were both fucked in Grease.

May 24, 2007

We Went Down Fighting

Sometimes, it was lost opportunities.
Sometimes, it was just careless unnecessary mistakes.
Sometimes, it was plain bad luck.
Sometimes, it was just Zenden. Bah.

AC Milan was worthy.
They had magnificent goals.

But we gave it our all.
We're a great club.
Don't forget we got a great goal too.
We'll come back with a vengence.
There's always next season.

Remember, we weren't at our best.
But we went down fighting.
And that's football right there for you.

I Should Have Gone To Korea

Yo Rafa,

You know why we lost when Milan were just there for the taking? Here's why:

1) Two words: BOZO LENDEN. The FUCKING IJIT was fucking useless the entire game. EVERY TIME he got the ball, he promptly lost it by knocking it so far ahead of himself that he could not keep up with it, or lobbing a cross over the goal line.

2) One word: STRIKERS. Oh we had a lot of passes. We had a lot of crosses. Unfortunately, many of those crosses came from KUYT, our supposed lone striker who is supposed to be IN THE FUCKING PENALTY WAITING FOR CROSSES and not having to track back to get the ball because some fucking BOZO kept losing the FUCKING BALL.

3) NOT taking our chances. We had FIVE shots on goal in the first half alone, but nothing came of them. Milan had only less then THREE shots on target the entire game, and scored two goals. We really do need a real, good quality striker who will just STAY IN THE FUCKING BOX and SCORE GOALS.

4) Taking out Mascherano was a fucking mistake. Once he was off, Kaka had a lot more freedom to play. YES, that pass to Inzaghi was fucking brilliant but it would not have been allowed to be played in the first place if Mascherano had been on the field and snapping at Kaka's heels.

5) Not putting Crouch in early enough. I told you DON'T START HIM, not DON'T PLAY HIM. He does make a difference when we need to change the game, and the goal we got was proof of that.

The way they were playing in the first half, I was already predicting halfway through the game to Sicko that if they don't score in the first half, we'd be fucked. And lo and behold, their goal came.

But hey, at least we gave them a fight. It wasn't a one-sided affair like some people so happily predicted. In fact, we definitely played well, and Milan was on the ropes most of the time - their defence was all over the place in the first half, Gattuso was crap, Kaka was damn bloody scared of Mascherano, and Inzaghi practically didn't touch the ball the entire game except when he scored the goals.

And hey, at least we didn't roll over and take three in the ass like some teams did when they played Milan, eh?

But fuck, Liverpool had the game and they blew it by not taking their chances, and letting in two sucker punch goals.

Oh well, what's that they always say? Oh yeah: There's Always Next Season.

And next season, WHEN we get into the Champion's League Final AGAIN, I'm fucking flying to Korea.

it's going to be a beeaaauuutiful day


Milan 2 - 1 Steven Gerrard FC

Best example of karma I can think off:

Sunday, 20 May 2007, 12.26am - SMS FROM Eyeris: BUAHAHA!

Thursday, 24 May 2007, 4.28am - SMS TO Eyeris: Buahahahaha!

You know the awesome thing about chasing the Treble (or the Quadruple)?? If you lose one cup final, you don't end up flat on your face with NOTHING.

Never heard before meh?

Don't put all your eggs in one basket!

If it's any consolation you can go cheer because the MAD ANIMAL GATTUSO had a piss poor game. And you can take solace in that fact till tonight, when I do a proper gloating post.

May 23, 2007

Pre-Final Wishlist

Yo Rafa,

Tonight's the Champion's League final between Liverpool and those wounded and hungry for revenge Italians. Here's my wishlist:
  1. No matter how 'fit' he is, PLEASE don't start Kenevergetwell, unless you want to have to substitute him at the 20th minute again.
  2. PLEASE don't start Crouch and play the long ball.
  3. PLEASE leave Bozo out of the team, because he does fuck all for the team
  4. PLEASE get someone to MANMARK Kaka, because if you can keep him quiet half the game is won.
  5. The other half is to keep that raving lunatic Gattuso from trying to turn all our players into Paralympians.
  6. PLEASE don't try to play for penalties. Not only will it be a fucked up game then, I also don't think my heart can take another high stakes penalty shootout.
Now, someone please get me a plane ticket to fly Korea NOW so I can try replicate the conditions in which I saw the 2005 final (hopefully this time it will be without the whole conceding-three-goals-in-the-first-half part, of course).

May 21, 2007



Bet yer nearly got a heart-attack reading that headline, huh, Lily. :D :D :D

Unfortunately, it's not your horse-buying darling who is rejoining the Mighty Reds, but that foppy haired Hugh Grant-lookalike who's joining the Muddy Red Devils, so don't rejoice just yet.

May 20, 2007


The Location:

(Wah so canggih. First ever Cup final there!)

The Occasion:

(The Oldest Cup Competition in the world! )

The Cast:

(Fooyor must be damn exciting game right?)

The Spectators:

(The Dog banner was probably more entertaining than the game itself

(All pictures from BBC Online)


Wahlau, you call THAT a Cup final ar???

The way Vincent usually goes on and on about how entertaining Men.Utd games are, you'd have tohught yesterday was a Liverpool-Chelsea game.... eheh Damn good goal though. And I especially liked the way Giggs bumped Cech (and the ball) over the line with his ass.

BTW, isn't this the second 0-0 final in a row that involved Men.United in the past three years?

May 12, 2007

Goodbye GOD

You turned me from a casual fan into a firm believer. You make our red a few shades more vibrant. Then you came back and prove that miracles do happen.

Blessed are we who have seen you at your greatest. Thank you for being Anfield's most loyal servant.

Good luck and GOD speed.*sniffs*

Pictures googled of course.

The Juice, take three

Did you hear any noise from the AFC about this particular juice?

Barclays and Premier League Head East

The Premier League have announced the third Barclays Asia Trophy is to be held in Hong Kong in partnership with the Hong Kong FA.

The 2007/08 season curtain-raiser tournament, which Barclays are sponsoring for the first time, features Liverpool, Portsmouth, Fulham and the winner of the Hong Kong FA Cup competing in the 40,000 capacity Hong Kong Stadium.

The Barclays Asia Trophy sees two double-headers played on July 24 and 27, with all matches screened locally by now TV and in the UK by Sky Sports.


Asian Cup, anybody?

Manchester United 'stealing' Asian money?

Evil white men stealing the show from the poor little Asian?

But the most important question: Why hasn't Mohamed bin Hammam, talked or even 'slammed Liverpool, Fulham, Pompey and the Premier League' as being 'disrespectful'??

AFC President slams 'disrespectful' Man Utd

AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam on Monday launched a stinging attack on Manchester United, calling them "disrespectful" and demanding they cancel their Asian tour.

The pre-season commercial tour in July clashes with the Asian Cup finals, prompting bin Hamman to suggest the new Premier League champions put something back into Asian football instead of grabbing its money.

"Cancel your tour -- this is the message on behalf of the whole Asian football family, all our players, our coaches," he said in response to AFP questions on the sidelines of the Asian Football Confederation Congress here.

"It is disrespectful. This is not the solidarity we expect from the football family.

"We expect Manchester United to look for something more than money. Asia is giving them so much money during the on-season. One month every four years and they cannot spare it to not play in Asia?"

But before any of you go on and on about how it is being played in Malaysia and all that brouhaha, go back up and read his quotes. He didn't say to Manyoo, "Cancel the Malaysian leg of the tour." Quite simply, he said to Manyoo, "Cancel your whole damn tour."


And the other tournament going on at EXACTLY the same time...that's alright, I suppose?!? Fuckin' double standards, innit? Sure, he can't ask the Hong Kong FA to ban the tournament, but surely just a little critisism is warranted if that is the way he feels?

This is sounding more and more sickening by the minute. Every single piece of news that comes in only goes to show that that Mohamed bin Hammam bloke has some sort of personal vendetta against Manyoo and the FAM.

But seriously, FUCK it.

Some IDIOTS who call themselves Malaysian have vowed to boycott the tournament. I say, don't be a moron.

As a Malaysian, my responsibility and loyalty lies with the national team. And as such, my only interest in the tournament goes as far as my national team. Once we are out, I will stop watching the tournament organised by that Mickey Mouse organisation.

May 10, 2007

And Another Thing

The league championship has just been confirmed and the top four spots virtually booked by the Big Four of the Premier League. Before the FA Cup final and the Champions League final in Athens, perhaps now is at good a time to take a good look back at the exploits of the big teams in the eventful 2006/07 season.

At the end of the day, the Prem hasvirtually been dominated by MU, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal (regardless of who finishes 3rd and 4th). A look at the past champions since the inception of the EPL show that up to 3 years ago, it has always been a two-horse race, between Manchester United and Arsenal, with no disrespect to Blackburn (ah, I remember the SAS – Shearer and Sutton). It was more Man U than Arsenal really, and respect to Sir Alex for believing in his young boys.

Therein grew one of the stiffest rivalries in English football – Sir Alex and Wenger. One was passionately vocal and sometimes unnecessarily arrogant, the other notorious for his selective vision and shocking number of red cards, in the early years.

But even with what was reported in the press, both managers upheld a level of professionalism in their conduct, even if they were not likely to share a bitter pint at the local pub after a game. The only blemish was mainly the Pizza-gate incident a couple of years back, but no one has really tattled on that one.

Mourinho, for all his tough talk and aloofness, does not have that professionalism. I think enough has been said about his character (or lack thereof) in the press and here in Hantubola, but the thing is, when you are successful, it partly justifies all of it to the people that matter most – the Chelsea fans and their board of directors. Sure, with the obscene amount of money it’s really hard to go wrong, but that’s another story. When the day comes when the trophies stop coming is the day your own backers start getting tired of the pathetic one-liners and personal attacks. I mean, just imagine if Alan Pardew or Adrian Boothroyd start talking like that now, both of them would probably be fired before the weekend is here.

From the viewpoint of a Blues fan, winning is still winning, who cares if our manager pisses off other managers, and i can understand if they couldn't care less of what others thought of their manager.

ManU ran one hell of a campaign – it take mental strength to wrestle the championship from Chelsea, I’ve gotta give them that.

As for Liverpool, they didn’t do too badly in the Prem. They hired a manager that has a record of titles, and he delivered. People may say they’re boring now, but I’m pretty most fans would rather see them today then with Ged Houllier’s days. Arsenal, well, it’s a disappointing season, that much I have to admit, and the excuses are well-known.

Hantubola's critics tend to accuse that we’re only supporting the big clubs only, but that is the reality of the Prem today. Maybe for a season or two, one of the four may slip down to 5th or lower, and let the Evertons or the Tottenhams or the Boltons nudge through, but in the long run, they bounce back. Unless of course, next season a Lithuanian billionaire buys Aston Villa.

And forgawdsakes, Newcastle, don’t let Sven in.

May 09, 2007

Asshole Football Confederation, take two

This is my take on things, continued from Eyeris' post.

I am of course gutted that Manyoo are not coming. The last time they were here, it was Ruud van Nistelrooy's first ever game for the club. He hit the bar and the post in the first 5 minutes of the game. As much as non-Manyoo fans hate him, it would be a lie if anybody says they wouldn't want to watch Cristiano Ronaldo in action.

I personally think this whole hoo-hah is AFC's fault, not FAM, and certainly not Tourism Malaysia. The facts are simple. Manyoo were supposed to play on the 27th of July. We are hosting one of the semi-finals on the 25th, after which the tournament goes to Indonesia for the 3rd/4th play-off on the 28th and the finals on the 29th. NONE of the dates clash.

FAM are acting as they are now because of pressure from the AFC which is totally understandable, and Tourism Malaysia is certainly doing the right thing trying to bring Manyoo to Malaysia. I can only imagine that hundreds, possibly thousands of Singaporean and Thais would come into the country to watch the game.

Quite simply, this is AFC's fault. In fact, I would even go as far as to say that this was done on purpose. AFC screwed up big time by allowing FOUR countries to co-host this event which is proving to be a logistical nightmare. You want support from the host country? Fine. But the problem is that the tournament isn't even in Malaysia by then! And certainly, baring the intervention of bookies and dodgy characters in the underworld, NONE of the co-hosts will even get past the group stages, not to mention the semifinals!

AFC, in particular Mohamed bin Hammam talks about how detrimental it is to Asian football that Manyoo are coming at the same time the Asian Cup is being held. But surely, a win-win situation can be easily worked out? Quite simply, Manyoo will come because of the money. It is the FA's fault or the AFC's fault that they choose not make the most of the trip.

They can easily force Manyoo to hold football clinics and get Fergie to have a sharing session of sorts with local coaches! And since 'Asia's top stars' are in town surely, a joint football clinic can be held for kids together with the players of teams that have already been eliminated from the tournament! Surely Asian coaches (not just Malaysian) could do learning a thing or two from Fergie and Quieroz? They can easily give Manyoo an ultimatum - conduct this this this clinic, conduct a coaches' session or don't come. David Gill isn't an idiot. They will do anything to sell a few more shirts. Plus, it is a good marketing move on Manyoo's side. Corporate social responsibilty and all that boo-hah come into play. An excellent PR stunt, no?

But no, the AFC choose not to do that. Very easily, they say NO DON'T COME. You can speculate on anything you wish, but how about this?

Kenyon : AFC Deal 'Crucial' for Chelsea Profile


AFC president Mohamed bin Hammam welcomed the participation of Chelsea in the Vision Asia programme.

"In order for a long-term sustainable development, we need commercial investment, and I am delighted to welcome Chelsea Football Club as our first development partner where the commercial opportunities of the Vision Asia project have also been addressed," said the Qatari.

And here comes the killer...

"This is not a business relationship. It's more of a development partnership. The AFC will benefit greatly from this and I don't expect that Chelsea will benefit financially from this agreement."

Click here for the full story

How on Earth can the PRESIDENT of the AFC say something as stupid as that? How is this sort of program anything but a win-win? Chelsea increases their presense in China, gain more fans, and will ultimately sell more shirts. Oh, and how about the fact that Chelsea can unearth more hidden talent and increase their scouting network, hence saving loads of money on transfer fees?

Don't expect Chelsea to benefit financially? Pah, what bullshit!

Super twat Peter Kenyon is all smiles even though it 'would not benefit Chelsea financially'

You can be less cynical and call the AFC idiots for not knowing how to exploit and take advantage of an awesome opportunity. Or, you can buy the conspiracy theory and want to believe that the AFC are only doing this because of their ties with Chelsea. Either way, it is quite plain and simple that this whole hoo-hah is nothing but AFC's doing.

Football Association of Morons

So the Men.United are not coming to KL.


Deal with it. Sure, I understand that you wanna see your favorite team in person. I would be disappointed too, if Liverpool were supposed to come here and cancelled as well. Who wouldn't?

HOWEVER, The way all you idiots are going on and on about how it's like the end of the world that your CHAMPIONS of ENGLAND are not coming to MALAYSIA is pathetic. It's like you were born in bloody MANCHESTER or something.

Besides, it's not like you're gonna be sharing a pint with them in your local pub, playing chess with Ryan Giggs in your living room, having a kickabout with Paul Scholes, or going diving with Ronaldo, or introducing your granny to Wayne Rooney; if they came here.

No, you're only gonna be paying a bucketload of money to WATCH them from afar, thrashing your OWN national team without even raising a sweat. And knowing the morons that football fans in Malaysia are, you'll probably be cheering for MEN.UNITED instead of your own national team.

And you, FAM, are the biggest idiots of all. AFC complain then only you start fucking THINKING is it?

FA of Malaysia bow to pressure

The FA of Malaysia (FAM) have caved in to pressure from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and ruled Manchester United out of playing in the country in July, throwing their Asian tour into chaos.

No wonder lar the AFC guy was saying this here:

Countries bidding to host the 2011 Asian Cup must guarantee government support or face swift elimination, AFC president Mohamed Bin Hammam said.


“They need to guarantee government support of the event as well as ensure proper infrastructure and security. The country’s national association must also show an eagerness to organise the tournament efficiently.”

His call came just two months before the start of the 2007 Finals, which are co-hosted by Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and have been beset by problems over the past three years.

At various stages, the status of Malaysia and Thailand as hosts have been called into question because of a perceived lack of interest from their respective governments.

Where the fuck are your PRIORITIES? You're more concerned with hosting a fucking EPL team than with promoting a tournament that YOU are co-hosting, and one that would have directly more impact to the MALAYSIAN NATIONAL TEAM?

Then there is this one particular MORON:

“As a Malaysian I’m surprised. It is out of tune for people to dictate to us how we celebrate our 50 years of independence,” he said, referring to the United game, which is also part of the “Visit Malaysia 2007” campaign.

FUCK YOU. You call yourself a MALAYSIAN ar???

Frankly, to paraphrase you, as a Malaysian, I'm APPALLED. It is out of tune for YOU to dictate and assume that all Malaysians would want to celebrate our 50 years of independence by paying good money to watch a team of overpaid, spoiled footballers embarassing the shit out of OUR national team.


May 07, 2007

Ok, Liverpool, No need to give chance oledi ok?

As much as I hate to admit it, yes, Men.United are worthy champions this season. They've played well, held their own fair share of luck (and non-given penalties), and have kept it up throughout the entire season.

It's Chelski's own fault for losing the title. Men.United gave them TWO lifelines the past month (especially after losing to Pottymouth) to catch up, and they blew it.

So, what have we learnt from all this?

  1. STUPID England fans should shut up and stop booing Men.United players after they've been villified in the World Cup
  2. 30 million pound strikers won't get you league titles if your defence has players like Bolalose.
  3. Don't try to win quadraples. It's too tiring. Try for Trebles instead and at the very least you might get a double.
  4. Don't count on a team with TWO former Men.United players to beat them, even if said team is already two goals up
Ok Liverpool, now that we've given them the decade or so to make up for lost time from mucking around the 2nd division in the 60's (or was it the 70s?), and sportingly allowing them to catch up on their league titles tally, lets make sure next season that they continue playing catch-up for at least a few more years, shall we?

No more giving chance oledi ok?

End Credits










It does not matter how many languages can describe Manchester United right now. The most important thing is;

Manchester United
are the

2006/07 Barclays Premier League

As we reflect on the season, all of us Red Devils would like to applaud the team for a job well done. We would also like to thank Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and the rest of the Premier League teams for making our season a great one.

I salute you all.

Next up: The FA Cup Final. Best of Luck!

May 05, 2007

Cheer Up

Even though Manyoo won a messy game which all but clinched the title, I have decided to wave the peace least for the next few hours till the Chelsea game.

In the news today:

Premier League set to sue YouTube

Funny buggers, YouTube.

I mean, these days it is probably the second best site in the world (this is the best, of course). It is entertaining, and even on its off days, it can entertain you to a certain extent. That is for the neutrals of course. And the two bloody nerds who thought up such a no-brainer in their house garage or some place.

But that's where the fun stops. Besides its creators, shareholders and the neutrals who find it fun, slowly but surely it starts to piss people off. Say, for is fun until someone posts a home made porno of you taking it up the ass. Or if you are a big cheese in the music industry. Or the TV industry. Heck, even the Thai government has banned it.

See, it entertains you, until you turn into the victim of that entertainment. Then you start to boo and hiss at it, even though it has been nothing but awesome. And, ALL THAT HYPE! Us being a football blog talking about YouTube is hype enough, and for some reason people don't like hype even though it is justified most of the time.

But never mind if you didn't get my message.

I'll say it in footballing terms which you might actually understand. I actually meant to say was..

If you look at YouTube, the football equivalent would be Cristiano Ronaldo.

Obviously, this post was gonna come sooner or later.

The number of shit spawned in this blog over the past two days were amazing. I mean, it was like anyone who supported an awesome team like Man Utd is a gloater, glory hunter and whiny sore loser.

I'll give you that. And I am happy to admit it. As pointed out time and time again, EVERYONE gloats and EVERYONE hunts for glory. Anyone who watches their team lose would be sore about it for whatever reason, so there. I mean, it is also the same for the ABUs, when they disband and go and support their individual teams they were supposed to support in the first place.

And this is where I point out the hypocrisy. Some scouse scum claim they are much better than Man Utd fans cause they are still in the Champions League (note: their team may yet not win at all and suffer complete humiliation at the feet of Gattuso). Some idiots then go on and call Man Utd a 'Jaguh Kampung' team, completely ignoring the fact the Scouse Scum constantly commit B&E through the Champions League back door (i.e. 3rd or 4th place, their only target in the league for years to come). Some dimwits then go one to say that European glory is much more important than the bread and butter of the domestic league.

As we all know, Scousers mudah lupa.
And we know that is in their blood. And we know they can count titles and claim their loyalty to their small club. But they do tend to live in their history. Along with always trying to lie to themselves on being on the moral high ground. Thus, it is our duty as Man Utd fans to shoot them from the moral high ground.

As you can agree with me, finding a morally correct scouser is akin to spotting Barney surfing the waves.

Lest we not forget, Man Utd compete in 3 different competitions. Not just one. And being knocked out of a semi-final is more respectable than losing to a reserve and kiddies team in TWO domestic league competitions. You would have thought that some 'big' team having 5 European Cups would have been able to prioritize eh? Too bad, their manager is a nutjob who loves rotating policies. No wonder they were fresh all season, since their league campaign ended LAST October.

Also, as a bonus, who else but Man Utd can win grueling matches like this one?


That's just right indeed.

p.s. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's match. Go Arsenal!

May 04, 2007

Take A Break, Have Some Kit Kat

Wah, i tell you, last week only Eyeris komplen nobody want to post here, now... fuyo. Bukan main...

Amidst all the "fark-you-sore-loser-boring-football-cheat-no-i-said
" going on, take a break for some Kit Kat...

(pikcher curi from some Japan-visiting blogger's website... ahem)

Okay, now go back to fighting. No scratching and eye-poking, okay...? :)

Lucky my Banana Republic

Liverpool and Men.United have been rivals since before stupid Adam ate the apple. Suffice to say, someone would probably find the cure for HIV first before we can stop feuding. Or a way for a woman to reach an orgasm in under 3 minutes with a man in the same room.

They think we hate them because they are successful. Actually, we hate them because they wouldn’t stop gloating. We didn’t hate Arsenal when they went through their unbeaten run. They had talent and we respect that.

If I were to write a profile on Men.United fans, I’d say, mostly, apart from the fact they gloat all the time, they taunt any teams who lost, whether the match had anything to do with them or not.

And when they lose, fuggedaboutit. They sulk, they spout bitterness. Sore losers in the likes of Jose Moanrinho. Because basically, they think they are the dog’s bollocks and they should win every bloody match they ever played. The sheer arrogance is offputting, to say the least. Poncy conceited farts the whole lot.

I’m old enough to have lived through Liverpool’s glory years. We were not that arrogant. Sure we were happy, ecstatic even. But we were never the arseholes who go around bragging all the time.

Then Fergit came along and started the Hate War going ‘Focking Liverpool’ every bloody opportunity he got. He took your team to what it is today. I hated him of course.

Many moons later, enter Moanrinho. He made Fergit look like a dear old man. And I began to appreciate Fergit’s biting statements. Let’s face it. The old man can be funny. While Moanrinho just make illogical statements that makes you laugh at him.

Having said all these, in the past few years, I have met some nice ManYoo fans. In life and online. Will wonders never cease.

Sure, we rib each other all the time. But it’s more good natured kind. I mean, we get the ribbing most of the time. Cause Liverpool is not the ‘big’ club that Manyoo is. Cool.

18 First Division Titles. 7 FA Cups .7 League Cups .5 UEFA Champions League Cups. 3 UEFA Cups.

No big deal. Sure we haven’t won the Jaguh Kampung title in 17 years. But we won our 5th CL just two years ago. Win some, lose some.

We are happy enough with our small club. We have lost a lot of battles. We can take the ribbing good naturedly. Like a man. Bloody hell, if we behave like some manure fans everytime we lost a match, we’ll end up in a loony bin.

Take their latest defeat. I wasn’t going to say anything but some of them, have made me think they have been taking lessons from Moanrinho. Sore losers or wot?

Pray tell. Are you lot so vicious out of embarassment?

Even foul-mouthed Fergit was gracious about the loss. And I would think he would be the most gutted. Since he hasn’t got that many years left to get Manure another treble.

But the fans? Fock me sideways.

You lost and you take the piss out of Liverpool? If that’s not bitterness, I don’t know what is.

I wouldn’t call our win over Chelshite lucky. They were the bigger team with the bigger dosh. They should have pwned us in 90. They didn’t. And they suck at penalties. How does that make us lucky?

As for West Ham. C’mon, they had a 2 goals lead (even one of them Carra donate to them) and they can’t protect it. They deserve to lose.

Likewise AC Milan. They couldn’t jaga their 3 goal lead. And we were lucky? Do you think coming back from 3 down is a walk in the park?

You got sodomised in San Siro. Take it like a man.

I tell you. You lot can’t survive being a Liverpool supporter.

You need to be made of sterner stuff. Resilience and sense of humour for starters.

Blimey. Even Arsenal who actually played in a CL final and lost to some dodgy refereeing is not this bitter.

Now, that’s class. Not to mention truly attractive football.

Saya yang menurut perintah Eyeris :p (now, can I post about owen next, pretty please? :p)

May 03, 2007

Nuff' Said, Again


Probably the best beer in the world

Probably the most boring team in the world

Nuff' Said.

you were saying?

Alright, so Manyoo lost. Find me a Manyoo fan who can complain about the result and I'll find you a Scouser who admits they are not a big club. But if you were to read today's papers and blogs, you would think that someone died last night.

Doomsday is approaching as we know it. Boohoo, Manyoo aren’t as awesome when we come up against class opponents. Excuse me, mate, are you referring to the same Manyoo who has a good chance of winning the league title this weekend?

Boohoo, Ronaldo isn’t the best footballer in the world after all. But guess what? He is still pretty darn awesome – the best in the premier league by a good mile. Would you want to swap him for Jermaine Pennant? I bet both my testicles that you would. And yes, Kaka is awesome. I get that point already. Yes, Kaka is better than Ronaldo. Point taken. But he was no where near being the best player on the pitch. No, that accolade should go to Gattuso. Kaka was up against a makeshift Manyoo defence (people still fail to forget that). Vidic just came back from injury and he was the only first choice defender in the team. Any decent player would have been able to rip apart that defence. Heck, it has even been done in recent weeks in the league.

No, Manyoo’s loss was not due to the fact that they conceded goals, they were always going to concede. Manyoo lost because they couldn’t score, and that was large due to that half man-half deranged animal that was Rino Gattuso. Manyoo needed a player like that yesterday – not just someone who could shackle the attackers, but more importantly, someone who could inspire his team mates just by looking at them with the eyes of a psychotic demon possessed. He wanted to win, and he wanted to win more than the entire Manyoo squad combined.

It is easy to put down Chelsea and Manyoo after their defeats, but lest you forget, those were the only two teams whose league title challenge wasn’t over by the first week of October. You may mock Mourinho as being a moaner, but he is right – ‘big’ clubs don’t challenge for one cup a season. ‘Big’ clubs understand the importance of the league – the bread and butter of every football club. Chelsea and Manyoo have both had horrible league games in the last few weeks. Chelsea have dropped points in their last two league outings, and Manyoo nearly the same if not for Everton’s gift on a plate. Challenging stuff, won’t you agree? Liverpool rested 6 players over the weekend and lost. Could Manyoo have even contemplated on doing that? Chasing immortality has caused both Chelsea and Manyoo to fall flat on their faces, and nobody except their fans give credit to them for even trying. But no, despite not mounting a proper league challenge in over a decade, Liverpool fans will keep insisting they are a big team because they have had success in Europe recently. But surely you would be hard pressed to find anybody who would bestow the same accolade upon Porto and Greece, both of whom have triumphed on the big stage in recent years. Big team? Please, you’re having a laugh!

People keep talking about history not remembering losers. True, in a way. The Greeks would have defeated the Trojans with or without Achilles, but his participation, even though irrelevant and inconsequential towards the final result, ensured that we still talk about that war today. The record books note the winner’s names but it is the football on the pitch that will remain on the lips of the fans for years and years to come.

For example, nobody cares about the 1990 World Cup (except the Germans of course), but every decent football fan would know about, and talk about Cryuff’s Dutch team and their total football, even though they never did win the World Cup. Similarly, in recent years, nobody ever talks about Liverpool’s masterful tactical win of Juventus en-route to the final in 2005. It was a great tactical game, but it wasn’t amazing. But people still talk about Juventus vs Manyoo in 1999. And possibly, in many many years time, people would still be talking about Manyoo 7- 1 Roma, or heck, even the fact that Milan blew Manyoo apart yesterday.

Liverpool may just go on and win the Champions League, and they will engrave their name on the trophy, but based on this season’s performance, they will fail to get on the lips of the football fans. It is the same way people will still chatter excitedly about Madrid’s galaticos, but nobody (except Mourinho) cares that Porto won the Champions League a few seasons ago. And the list goes on and on…

That, is football.



I feel so refreshed.

There's nothing like a good night's sleep after a late night watching football. And nothing like staying up late to see your team win and enter a European Cup final.

Of course, I'm not talking about last night's match. Duh.

Classy Milan cruise into final

AC Milan crushed Manchester United 3-0 in their Champions League semi-final second leg at the San Siro to set up a repeat of the 2005 final against Liverpool. Trailing from the first leg Kaka, who scored both Milan's goals in the 3-2 loss at Old Trafford, opened the scoring and Alberto Gilardino and Clarence Seedorf capitalized on some laughable defending to secure a chance to revenge their defeat in Istanbul.

So, those of you who watched the match....

DID YOU wake up this morning (the second time) feeling ENTERTAINED after watching your defense fall apart?

DID YOU wake up this morning (the second time) feeling ENTERTAINED by your side shipping three goals?

DID YOU wake up this morning (the second time) feeling ENTERTAINED by watching your team get trashed by only the THIRD best team in Italy?

So I ask you again...


I know I was, and I didn't even watch the match. I mean... take a look at this picture of Van Der Sar. How can you not be entertained by that?

Anyway, I admit it. I made a mistake. I was expecting Milan to win 1-0.

But aw heck, I'll take 3-0 anytime as well.

And yes, Milan, vengence indeed. We don't have Djimi Traore in the team anymore. So bring it on.

May 02, 2007


Kill me now.

Fucking KILL ME NOW!

You would think that the SECOND and THIRD best team in the 'Best League in the World (konon)' would actually be able to playing good football...right?


And here I was thinking....aah, its a holiday tomorrow...canlah, can watch the game hopefully it would be good...


There are fucking easier ways to kill people, okay?

This old man was put to sleep last night after watching two teams 'play' football

This is ideally how people should look in the morning at 8 am after waking up at 2.30am and going back to bed at 5.30am. Instead, thanks to the two "WE ARE TECHNICALLY AND TACTICALLY SUPERIOR (konon)" teams who managed to put me back to sleep on my sofa, I am like an Energiser bunny in the morning.

A torture which is much more pleasurable

Shut up, Jose. You TRIED to win, yes.

Shut up, Rafa. You are a BIG team, yes.

Shut the fuck up, all of you. Because that makes it even worse!!

Bolton vs Blackburn may be a drab, but at least they don't claim to be big teams, they don't claim they try to play sexy football. They just do the business and get on with it.

You fuckers, on the other hand claim you are a "BIG TEAM (konon)", but don't act like one. You boring tossers have an obligation to at least TRY to fucking entertain people. It's the semis of the "BIGGEST AND MOST PRESTIGIOUS CLUB COMPETITION IN THE WORLD, EVER! (konon)"

No wonder fat yanks say 'soccer' is boring

Moan on, Mou-Mou

Liverpool 1 - 0 Chelsea (Pens: 4 - 1)

'But in five, 10, 20 years, nobody will remember that Chelsea were the better team in the first-leg of the semi-final and I feel deserved to win the second.

'Nobody will remember that Chelsea were the best team in extra-time. That is the history of football.'
- Moan on, Mou-Mou:

Yeah, I'm already beginning to forget who we beat last night already...

Now Bring on Milan (who'll win 1-0 tonight)