July 21, 2006

HantuBola's First Futsal Meet (Updates)

**In purple is S-Kay interrupting

My legs are cramping up. Me feet hurt. My back is aching. I was late for work. Considering that I play quite regularly, I was dead tired last night for one reason or another. Takde stamina, cakaplah..don't cover. But it was all gooood.

So at 7 pm last night, the first ever Hantu Bola futsal session kicked off, in a game between the reds and the coloureds (bloody hell futsal session also Liverpool fans outnumber the rest). On the Red side was me, Spiller, KY’s housemate (sorry bro I can’t remember your name), Singh, the other guy (sorry again) and my friend who was known as “Orange” coz of his jersey. The coloureds were represented by lampard Eyeris, Anttyk, 9, Damien, Din and KY. We also had support in the form of Skay, Scorkes and Suanie who doubled as masseurs and water girls. So much for giving support =P We basically talked and talked and talked and got bitten by mosquitoes. Since when did Sportsbarn attracted so many mosquitoes. That aside, water boleh angkat sendiri..masseurs? Jangan harap!!

The game started well, with the scores locked at 0-0 for a good 10 minutes or so (which is quite uncommon for non-competitive futsal). The Reds took the lead twice and both times the coloured equalised soon after. The scores remained 2-2 for a while but unbeknown to us, Eyeris’ side was actually playing with one man less due to an unscheduled half time break by Din… (Its ok pal, baru first session, dun worry bout it.)… Anyway after a while, I lost count of the goals….

Best player on the pitch was Damien (the botak guy) who was playing Joga Bonito futsal. I saw also and I think I had him on video. I was like...not bad..not bad, while the rest of us were playing Jaga Butho futsal. 9 had a good game in goal and was damn tough to beat, while KY was as slippery as the “pleasure enhancing product” of the same name..not that I know how it feels, I just think its slippery by nature. Durex better lah....

Special mention goes to Eyeris, or shall we call you Fat Frank from now on? Pakai biru lagi lah! He was popping up all over the pitch left, right and centre but unfortunately, his shots went everywhere but centre! Or were you just testing the corners of the surrounding net to make sure that we are playing in a safe environment ;P… Oklah, to be fair I missed a sitter right in front of goal with no keeper… But I was thrown off by the shouts of offside…

Kudos to Anttyk who not only took the trouble to organise the session but also foot the bill this round. As mentioned last night, I will support Newcastle throughout the Intertoto Cup and hopefully UEFA Cup.

So should we have another session anytime soon? Or if there are those interested, we can make it a weekly thing.

Finally, I don’t know if I should post up the group pic here, because some of you guys might want to remain anonymous. So let me know if you want it up. Got videos though but I kinda failed to capture the first two goals lah...was like busy watching before I realised it would've been better than the ones I captured after...next time lah k?

**Blardee hell...why do I always have problems putting up videos...how come it shows 00:00/00:33 in my account but when I embed it here it's 00:00/00:00. Argh...later only upload video lah yeah...bengang sial

***Update : Nah...gambar....2 only. Don't complain =P

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