July 11, 2006

two questions

Alright, I know this comes a bit late, and everybody is a little potong steam, but forgive me for not having a secure Internet connection, OKAY?

I have two questions about this stupid world.....

It is your last game, EVER. Future suspensions are not a concern.

You are a multi millionaire. Fines are not a concern.

You are a living legend. Reputation is not a concern. Maradona is proof of that.

Some half baked player (allegedly) insulted your mum.

You decide to go out with a bang.

You head butt him in the chest.

WHY THE FUCK didn't you uppercut his jaw and kick him in the balls? What difference would it have made?!?

Despite the best attempts of the so-called lip readers, nobody knows what either of them said. But of course, it is the British press, and contrary to what some people like to believe, we all get our juice from British based websites, and not many of them are credible.

I was wondering......here we have Ronaldo not getting the Young Player award although, to be fair he should have won it if it is based on his performances with the ball. But he supposedly did not get it because of his diving. The next thing you know, thed man gets the Golden Ball, despite committing a serious unsportsmanlike offence in the FINALS which was watched by millions and millions of kids worldwide.

So you mean diving like a swan is not okay, but impersonating a rhino is?

Yah yah yah he was provoked, tra la la la. So you mean getting provoked by people (like some kayu commentors) means I can go headbutt them?

Ya ba ba ba the decision was made before the final. A BIT STUPID ISN'T IT? Make a CRUCIAL decision before the BIGGEST game of the tournament? Cannavaro played every minute of the tournament and was OUTSTANDING in every single minute. Zidane was shite in the first two games, was suspended in the third because he collected two yellow cards in two games, and put a Pachycephalosaurus to shame when his team was depending on him.

Stupid world cup. Made me sleepy for nothing.

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