July 17, 2006

Players Come Players Go... But Cole Can F**K OFF!!

Is Ashley Cole the biggest twat in Britain, after the Doi Doi Crybaby?
I don’t think so…
I think Ashley Cole is THE biggest twat in Britain bar none!

Who approached Cole? – Chelsea.
Who reciprocated? – Cole.
Who reported the breaking of rules? – Arsenal
Who was fined? – Chelase and Cole.
Who’s fault was it? – Arsenal.


You know… When I played truant in primary school, and the bloody ass kissing pengawas reported me to the discipline teacher, naturally I blamed the pengawas. But looking back, I did in fact broke the rules and was rightfully punished for it. Ashley Cole is reacting the same way – That of a little boy.

Fact is, both Chelsea and Cole broke the rules and Arsenal is duty-bound to report it. What does he expect? This? : -

Dein : So you spoke to Chelsea?
Cole : Yes I did, Dave.
Dein : You do know that Chelsea are not allowed to do that. And you do know that you also broke the rules?
Cole : Well… er…
Dein : Its ok son. We’ll let it go this time. In fact, we’re giving you an even better contract. Would you and Ms. Tweedy like a new posh bungalow too? Oh and the next time, do send my regards to Good Ol’ Petey and Jojo.

Cole : Will do Dave-o!

Arsene Wenger has often been criticised of not playing enough local players. Well, after "profesionalism" of Pennant, the mental state of Campbell and now the arrogance and ungratefulness of Cole, I doubt we will have a single Englishman in the first team for the coming season… And with good reason.

But in any case, Monsieur Wenger still wants Cole and insists that the relationship will heal over time and all is forgiven… But the fans don’t forget.

A.Cole is a downright A.Hole in my books from now on.

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