July 02, 2006

happy day

Can you hear the birds chirping?

Can you hear see the stars twinkling?

Can you hear the England fans cheer?

England losing was always going to make me happy, but this was exceptionally awesome because there were other added bonuses:

1) Rooney stepping on Carvalho's balls.

2) Rooney getting an excuse (and making Fergie happy) to get an early rest that he needs so that he can be fresh and ready to kick ass next season.

3) Ronaldo fighting with Rooney which hopefully means that Ronaldo gets thrown out of Manyoo.

4) Lampard not getting the deflections he needs to score (AGAIN!).

5) Imagining the reactions of the English who hated Owen Hargreaves but watch him as England's best player.

6) Watching Beckham cry like a baby, just like Ronaldo.

7) Watching Lampard and Gerrard do jack shit in the second half.

8) Watching Lampard and Gerrard crumbling under pressure with their penalties. Big game players konon.

But you know, this was a pricey game to watch.

2 cans of beer - RM10
1 packet of keropok udang - RM2
constant sms to friends during the game - RM2
electricity for TV and aircond - RM3

Watching England bring on a Scouse scum just to miss a penalty.


There are somethings money can't buy, for everything else there's always MasterCard, official sponsors of the Fifa World Cup 2006.


On a more serious note...

Amid all the rubbish you read in the papers and other websites which are no doubt in English and hence written by the English themselves, this piece from Soccernet is refreshingly honest.

There will be boo-boys for Ronaldo (there always has been), but Ronaldo wasn't the one who stamped on Carvalho's jewels. Many reports claimed that Ronaldo tried to get Rooney sent off, but all we saw was Ronaldo running to scream at the referee, something you see in EVERY football game.

Despite the (dis)illusions of the English, England were never going to win the World Cup. As the Neviller said, "NO EXCUSES". How can there be excuses when your big players bottle it in big games, leaving OWEN HARGREAVES to be the star man??

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