July 11, 2006

Post World Cup Withdrawal Syndrome

You know you are in denial about the World Cup ending when...
  • You voluntarily go to sleep early and wake up automatically at 3am without the help of an alarm clock.
  • You buy every single newspaper and scour every single footy website and read every single bit of news on the World Cup that you can find on the Internet. Even if it's in Polish.
  • No one wants to go out to supper with you at 2am anymore
  • Because of the lack of football on TV, you recreate the final with LEGO instead.
  • You start asking people to bet on stupid things like what exactly Materazzi said to Zidane, and whether Nike will still sponsor Brazil.
  • Your friends avoid you because all you wanna talk about are the hypothetical 'What If's' of the World Cup, like "What if Nesta was not injured", or "What if Zidane had not come out of retirement", or "What if Graham Poll were the referee for the final".
  • People start avoiding you because you have been wearing your Italy jersey for three days straight without changing, even after your weekly futsal game.
  • Try as you may, you can't think of anything that is non-World Cup related to post about on Hantu Bola.
  • The mamak stall owner comes to your table and tells you, "Boss, sudah pukul dua lar. Balik tidur lar, takde bola tengok sudah."
  • You automatically press '901' on your remote whenever you turn on Astro and are genuinely shocked when you get Ning Baizura singing on RTM1 instead.

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