December 30, 2010


Malaysia clinches victory at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium

WHOA now THAT'S what I call a happy feeling.

The whole team actually played like an EPL team. Khairul Fahmi's penalty save, Kunalan's tireless running, the super-young backline, Safiq, Safee, Shairul... EVERYONE played their part!

WELL DONE BOYS! But don't let it get to your heads, boys, there's a long way to go. And all you bandwagon-jumping politicians, don't kacau-kacau ok? Leave the football to KING RAJABGOBAL!


Ni baru ASEAN. Next stop, Asia!

October 22, 2010

Wang Rooney? Wayne Money?

Rooney doubles his money as he performs United U-turn

After seeming certain to leave, Wayne Rooney has signed a new five-year contract at Man Utd worth £180,000-a-week

Wang Rooney?
Wayne Money?
Do you REALLY think it was loyalty that convinced him to stay?
180,000 reasons say otherwise.

October 21, 2010

For Sale

Two previous owners
tend to stray away from home,
but kind to old people.

October 18, 2010

Fuck this shit... Send in the lawyers!


C'mon Roy, you can't SERIOUSLY think this was the 'best performance' so far? If you really do, then you are CLEARLY out of your depth.

70 minutes in, 2-0 down, and you STILL don't make any changes? WTF!

Lucas: Crap. Worse than George's Star Wars prequels
Maxi: Is that a maxi dress you're wearing? Because you play like a PUSSY.
Mereles: Stop shooting from 40 yards out you bloody fool.
Torres: Not strong enough to play lone striker (look at Yakubu)
Gerrard: ran a lot, couldn't do much
Carra: Definitely not an attacking wing-back.
Konchesky: Crap. At least Insua could run fast.
Reina, Skrtel & Kyrikos Kebab: Without them we'd have lost 5-0.
Joe Cole: He was playing?

Enough is enough. At this rate we might as well get rid of the ENTIRE first team and play the juniors instead. At least THEY would actually make an EFFORT.

Or as a friend put it: "Put on the Liverpool lawyers instead. At least THEY'VE got a lot more fight in them than THIS lot."

October 06, 2010

Yanks out, Yank in


The board of Liverpool has agreed to sell the club to the US owners of the Boston Red Sox baseball team following an extraordinary boardroom wrangle that revealed the splits at the highest level of one of English football's most celebrated insitutions.


WTF, from two Yanks to another Yank? Sigh....

OK, let's look at this another way. Will this New England Sports Ventures thing wipe out the debt that Gillette and Hicks incurred? If so, that's already a positive sign. But whether or not NESV has the funds to invest in the team further is another matter. But at least there's no more pressure on the finances (well, not as much anyway) and we won't be forced to sell stars like Torres at a cut-price just because we need the money.

Though I'm still not convinced that Roy Hodgson is the manager to bring us forward.

October 04, 2010

KTHXCIBAI #6373593

THANKS FOR HIRING ROY HODGSON TO GET US OUT OF THE RELEGATION ZONE AND WIN US THE EUROPA CUP. And for letting him buy Poulsen, who is actually worse than Lucas.


August 16, 2010

CIBAI #01 for 2010

Dammit. Should have won that one.
Why didn't Reina wear his cap to block out the sun?
And there I was going on and on
About how "In Reina We Trust, In Almunia we HAHAHA"
I think I jinxed him. GAH.
Oh well, letting in an own goal is bad,
But surely conceding to NGOG is infinitely more embaressing?
And against TEN MEN samore.
As Sashi put it, we took off one guy,
And gave you a goal,
And you STILL couldn't win. LOL
Oh well, the team looks a lot more solid this season at least.
Bring on the Citeh!

July 12, 2010

July 09, 2010

Hidup Sotong!

This post has no point whatsoever except to annoy Vincent. LOL

Though the last time Paul predicted a major final, he got it wrong. Should I be worried? ... NAH.

July 01, 2010


Besides rejecting technology that sent the overated English home (that's a good thing if you were wondering), FIFA have taken further steps to show more proof of their GENIUS.


Nigeria could face the ultimate sanction of being expelled from FIFA if the world governing body decides there has been unacceptable government interference.

FIFA are investigating the Nigerian president's announcement that he has banned the national side from competition for two years as punishment for their poor World Cup campaign.

President Goodluck Jonathan's decree includes the Nigerian Football Federation being dissolved and an interim board appointed.

That appears to fly in the face of FIFA's rules on government interference in the running of national associations - Sepp Blatter has already warned France's government against meddling in the French federation's affairs.

Under FIFA rules, national associations can be suspended or even expelled if there is such interference.


Special presidential adviser Ima Niboro said: "President Goodluck Jonathan has directed that Nigeria withdraws from international competition for two years to enable the country to put its house in order.

"This directive became necessary following Nigeria's poor performance in the ongoing World Cup."

So, Mr Goodluck decides to ban his players from playing internationally and disbanding his national FA.

FIFA decides to react to that by..........threatening to suspend the Nigerian FA.

GOODLUCK (all pun intended!) with that!!

June 21, 2010


Ya know, I really really love the awesome Maxis ads along the highway an on TV that relive the glory of Malaysia qualifying for the Olympic Games way back in 1981 (Unfortunately, Malaysia boycotted the Olympics that year. Sigh).

I especially like the one of Arumugam aka. Spiderman along the NPE in Subang. Awesome ad, that.

But seriously, I think this particular picture PWNs them all:

Mokhtar Dahari and Diego Maradona! Side by side! EEEE BANGGANYAAAA!

(Funnily enough, both their initials consist of the letters D and M. Just saying.)

Taken from someone's FB profile, who also 'stole' it from a friend. Thanks mate! This is freaking AWESOME!

June 19, 2010

captain wanker

If you've been reading HantuBola long enough, you should know this. If you're new, allow us to reiterate:

NEVER BET ON ENGLAND. But if you do feel you must bet, then always bet on their incompetence.

Liverpool and England's Captain Wanker

The Chief Kaizer

England 1 - 1 USA

"Stop going backwards you dumb English pricks!"

France 0 - 2 Mexico

"It is without doubt that the French Fries are for the moment
(or for a long time) the biggest disappointment of the World Cup."

Germany 0 - 1 Serbia
(just 5 days after whipping the Aussies 4-0)


June 11, 2010

Kamon Mesia!!

Sempena Piala Dunia FIFA 2010, marilah kita bersama-sama menaikkan taraf pengulasan Malaysia dengan membantu Uncle Hasbullah menyebut nama-nama pemain. Katakan BOLEH.

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh.

Abu Bakar Sagna
Abu Dihabi
Jujur Ribery
Zakar Terry
Jo Hati
Peter Bongkok
Jujur Lampard
Pepet Reina
Alvaro Payudara
David Perak
Cik Fabregas
Ryan Bebel
Zakar Layang-Layang
Robin bin Faraj
Gigi Beruk
Lionel Pengotor

Tambah mana perlu, although Rio Ferdinand tak perlu, Hasbullah sudah tahu. (Hey, that rhymes too).

Whether you are a casual fan, a die-hard nutter or simply watching footie for the blokes, have a great WC 2010 people.

June 09, 2010

In other news...

With too many macho players like Tim Cahill and Arteta, Everton takes the advice of their captain (who missed being part of Men.United), and tries to appeal to their players' feminine side:

BTW, Is that a cock I see on that pink shirt?

June 05, 2010

Tara Rafa

Thank you for going all the way to the England training camp to persuade Stevie not to go Chelsea and to tell Carra how much he is valued.

Thank you for telling Djimi to go take a shower during the half time at Istanbul.

Thank you for GOD's Second Coming

Thank you for the F.A Cup.

Thank you for the Charity Shield

The ugly tries harder

Thank you for Athens.

Thank you for Rosy Cheeks.

Thank you for praying for the club.

I have to admit I'm not your most loyal fan. Many times I was frustrated by your actions. I'm feeling ambivalent about you leaving though. And I can't just let you go without saying goodbye.

I know you thought you did your best. Look how much 6 years have changed you. Was it emotional eating, Rafa?

Thank you Rafael Benitez. Best wishes.

Favourite Rafa quote:
"I have to rush to the hospital because (arjen) robben is dying."

p/s: I love your goatee! Honest.

May 14, 2010

A wrong tackle

A particularly dim-witted unnamed Men.United player took Sir Alex Fergit's instruction to "Tackle like a Brazillian'" by taking it upon himself to apply hair removal cream to his tackle.

“The cream effectively removed the short and curlies but also burnt a layer of skin off!"

The blunder was exposed when the lad had problems in the changing room the next day.

Rumours were rife that it was Gary Neville himself who administered the DIY Brazillian job. But it was immediately denied by Old Trafford officials as, "Bollocks. He can't even grow proper tache."

Speculations that it was actually Nani, who were playing with himself as usual but used the wrong cream has yet to be confirmed. Besides, he has no balls.

Another story that was going around was it was Scholes and the cream was applied lovingly and tenderly by Gary Neville who couldn't stand Scholes ginger fuzz grazing his chin.

Initial investigation however confirmed that the cream was left behind by Cristina Ronaldo for Berbatov, whose manbag Ronaldo was extremely jealous of.

HB contacted an ex girlfriend of Ronaldo who told us that, "Cristiano and I took the same time to get ready. He waxed everything!"

For the real story, go here:

May 10, 2010


103 goals scored over 38 games. Goal difference of +71. Drogba wins the golden boot. Again. Chelsea are league champions. Once again.


*victory dance*

And we still have the cup final to play.

May 03, 2010

on a similar note...

Ironic story of the day:


Roma president Rosella Sensi has hit out at the manner of Lazio's defeat by Inter Milan on Sunday.

The 2-0 win allowed Inter to take a two-point lead at the top of Serie A ahead of Lazio's bitter rivals with two games remaining.

"After what we saw at the Olimpico, to call ours the most beautiful league in the world is a paradox," Sensi told Gazzetta della Sport.

"I would be ashamed to win that way."

A section of Lazio fans cheered both of Inter's goals as they damaged Roma's title chances.

Roma director Gian Paolo Montali added: "I never thought my eyes would see what they have seen this time.

"I believe Inter and their coach were embarrassed, it was nothing to do with them.

"It was only Lazio that lost, but Italian football."

I don't believe the conspiracy theories out there. I don't think Steven Gerrard meant to gift Chelsea that goal. I think he just Brambled Up, just as he has been doing all season long, just as he gifted Arsenal and France goals in the past through similarly stupid passes.

But I shall say this to the Liverpool fans who were actually happy about the defeat. To the Liverpool fans who actually think their captain intentionally threw the game in front of their home crowd. If you believe that is what happened, then your club is really FUBAR, and I extend my condolences to you.

What I also cannot understand is how you people can keep blaming the owners when quite simply the problem lies with the fat Spanish bloke. Everybody knows that Kalou (even though his hairstyle makes him look like a retard) has been in awesome form on the left in the last few months. And armed with that knowledge, he puts fucking Mashimaro at right back to face both Kalou AND Cashley Cole! And after the first 20 minutes when it was clear that Mashimaro is a silly Japanese toy and NOT a fucking right back, he still doesn't put anybody to cover the right wing!

I hope Rafa stays. With him, you'll never win the league again.

I don't think Manyoo lost the league tonight. Some people mentioned the loss to Burnley - I also don't point directly at that. The league is won or lost over a collective 38 games. Whoever has the most points deserves it. It really is quite so simple...

May 01, 2010

A-Z guide for you Scumbags

Alright then you pathetic scumbags. Since you lot desperately expect us to win your Jaguh Kampung for you, here's a bleeding A-Z guide of the team you are rooting for this Sunday.

A is for Agger - He's the delicious Danish. Centre defender also can, left back also can. More importantly, A is for ABU, our lifetime philosophy.

B is for Benitez - He's the fat one in glasses. Unlike Gary Neville, he has a proper goatee. Ego as big as his gut. The best way to get something out of him is to tell him the opposite of what you want.

C is Carragher - He's the one who looks like Jim Carrey. Great defender but totally useless in interviews. Tevez speaks better English than him. By the way, we love Tevez for calling Gary Neville a boot licker. 80% of Guardian reader agrees.

is for Dirk Kuyt. He's my dickiebird. Really works for his money.

E is for El Zhar. Every now and then, he plays.

F is Fernando Morientes. Bloody handsome. But we blinked and he's gone.

G is for Gerrard. He is a much better looking Russel Crowe. Our captain who is not only handsomer than yours but has bigger balls. Check out the close-ups this Sunday.

(Que Sera Sera)

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard,
He kicks the ball 40 yards,
He's big and his facking hard
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard

Of course, G is GOD aka Robbie Fowler. G is also google him if you are a Manure fan who is still in school.

G is also for Gary and Ginger.

Gary and Ginger.

H is Hyppia. Our lovable Grandpa. He's gone. H is also for Didi Hamann. He's gone too. Love him.

I is for I fecking hetchew, manures.

J is for Jerzy Dudek. He is Liverpool's handsomest goalkeeper and he was magic in Istanbul.

K is for King Kenny Daglish. He has a gorgeous daughter. Should have married Jamie Redknapp, our handsomest captain to date, on account that his real father is the milkman. His cousin, Lampoop, doesn't fare so well in the looks department. (Jamie's and Fat Frank's mother are twins.)

Kevin Keegan. He had the best perm in England back when. Cut an album in late 70s although I've never heard any of his songs.

L is for Lucas. He doesn't look like a Brazilian, doesn't move like a Brazilian, but he's Brazilian. He's the one that picks up the soap for the gaffer. Only Rafa can tell you if he's had a Brazilian wax like Cristina Ronaldo.

M is for Macherano - He's the one with the temper. Curly hair. Hairy too, I suspect. M is also for Steve 'I'd kick my own brother if neccessary' Mekmun, Shabby's favourite pundit.

N is for Ngoq, short for Bongok.

O is for Owen. He used to be our Wonder Boy. Now he's your Sick Boy. You can keep him.

P is Pepe Reina, the botakhead who jaga the goal. Sometimes, he's pepet, sometimes he's phenomenal.

Q is for..err...queue to win as many European cups as us?

R is for Riise. He suffers from OCD. Needs to wipe the ball for a minute before throwing it into the field. Sadly, he's gone. I love him, proof that I don't just watch footie for the blokes. R is also for Riera. But Rafa dowan to friend him anymore.

S is for Skrytel. He looks like a skinhead. He won't be playing though so you better not park anywhere near the stadium.

T is for Torres. He's the one with the flowing blonde locks, freckles, pouty lips and rosy cheeks. Vincent fancies him madly. He's our best striker. Unfortunately for you, he won't be playing on Sunday. hahahahahahahaha

U is for U can focking shut yer gob, Sir Alex.

V is Voronin. He looks like Triple H but bloody useless. Robbie Fowler has scored more goals in one season in Australia than Voronin has for Liverpool.

W is for Wembley where Liverpool beat Chelsea for the Charity Shield (2007?) and Men.United in ..err..2003?

X is we don't give a toss anymore and don't care who wins Jaguh Kampung xcept Manure! (Refer to A above)

Y is Yossi Benayoun, Eyeris look-a-like. He's circumsized, I think. Of course, Y is also for You'll Never Walk Alone. Learn it, love it!

Z is for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I haven't slept since Liverpool lost to that blonde dickhead who looks like a pornstar.

My prediction?

Liv 0 - 3 Chelsea. All own goals.

April 30, 2010

CIBAI #infinity


Foiled by Forlan again.

April 18, 2010

Old News

Roo the Poo is bisexual. He either goes for his teammates or their grandmaws.

Gary Neville is Gay

Gary: "You don't love me no more now you have Tom Cruise."
Wendy Weckham: "Ala..donch la merajuk..I hate it when you nag. Let's go play hide the sausage."

Wendy Weckham: "Feck..Gary gave me crabs!"

New News

Gary Neville is still gay.

But now he can only pull the grandpa type.

Despite his best efforts, Giggsy didn't get any though

When Gary himself is a grandpa, this is what Men.United fans can look forward to.

Unrelated but somehow quite relevant news:
Cristina allegedly kissed Kim Kardashian before the Barca match. Just like Tiger's Woody, he seems to prefer plastic-titted skanks too.

April 09, 2010


"He's phenomenal, but Messi doesn't play on his own. The coach and his team-mates deserve credit as well. Whoever knows about football knows what I'm saying," Ronaldo added.

This from a man (and I use the term 'man' loosely here) who's not known for his team spirit.

Ronaldo remains loyal to his childhood club, Real Ronaldo.

April 08, 2010

Laugh lah, laugh some more.

You are all out of Europe.

Except Liverpool. Oh, and Fulham.


Kids: It's a joke okay.

March 29, 2010

Say No To Kalah Bola!

He used to be the best goalkeeper in the world.

Now he says NO to Kalah Bola!

Makanlah Biskut Tiger, Jadi Macam Peter!

March 23, 2010

half-hearted taunt of the day

Lily keeps telling me to post something. Something to gloat or SOMETHING AT ALL...

I haven't really been in the mood to write anything recently, but a screenshot of my FB wall yesterday should suffice.


It's also refreshing to note that that particular screenshot has Lily's profile picture featuring one of the best players to feature for his club, and another bit-part player who is currently terrorizing Australian defenders for North Queensland Fury.

February 17, 2010

'Own Goal had a forgettable game'

MILAN - It may have been a good result for Manchester United, but for one player it was a game to forget.

Own Goal, United's ten-goal sensation, second top-scorer at the club behind Wayne '25-star' Rooney, did not manage to increase his goal tally in the first leg of United's round-of-16 match with AC Milan. With United having had 14 shots (4 on target), the 'Silent Predator' was unlucky not to be able to claim United's equalizer, which was credited to Paul Scholes instead.

"I thought he did score, but upon seeing the replays it was clear it was just a deflection, thus rightfully credited to Scholes" said Man Utd manager Sir Alex Ferguson, "He will have to take his chances in the return leg if he is to keep his momentum in tandem with Wayne (Rooney)."

The media reported that starter Own Goal, who looked like he was missing in the entire second half, may not have himself entirely to blame for his no-show. "Lack of attacking play may have been a glaring factor in why Own Goal wasn't able to get a clear chance on goal" said Martin Nee, sports journalist at The Moon. "It was down to how United lined-up their formation. Also, Milan's defenders were able to do their jobs relatively well, but then again they let in three goals so I don't sound too credible now."

It has been rumoured that United have received offers from clubs for the player following his impressive performances this past month and a half. Sir Alex may have to make a decision on his player, who was previously low-profile, come end of the season.

At press time, there have been sources saying that Own Goal will be on the bench at United's away game to Everton this weekend and likely to be used as an impact player.

February 11, 2010

CIBAI #543857

Cibai. Go and lose 1-0 only. Should have at least drawn. Macauhai. And there I was thinking our season was back on track.

Oh well, at least everyone else (read: Spurs & Villa) lost or drew as well. Except Man City of course. Now we REALLY need to beat those rich basterds.

February 10, 2010

an advertisement

Today I am going to point out an item from a "proper newspaper", i.e. Financial Times UK. More specifically, the classifieds section:

Crystal Palace Football Club For Sale

United Kingdom


Asking price: Undisclosed
Sales revenue: Undisclosed
Net profit: Undisclosed
Fixtures value: Undisclosed
Stock value: Undisclosed

Business description
Football Club For Sale
On instructions of the Joint Administrators, B Guilfoyle, C White and J Russell:
Crystal Palace F.C . (2000) Limited
The sale of football club and its associated assets presents an opportunity to acquire a long established South London club (founded 1905) currently playing in the Championship division of the Football League and currently enjoying success in the FA Cup (next match against Aston Villa in the fifth round). more

Any takers? How about you, Dato' Tony? Heheh...

February 05, 2010

ESBN: Reckless Vagina

POTTYMOUTH: The new owner of Pottymouth club came out of the closet today, declaring that the club's Faraj was reckless, and because of that, the club now needs stabilizing to ensure that future transactions will remain reproductive.

In a bid to score with the club's fannys, Pottymouth's new owner Ballsram Cincai declared that he wants to pimp the club to the most responsible client possible

He said he will conduct a KYC [Know Your Cock test] before determining that the next buyer is clean and not a liar. He said, "If he says he's got my money I'm going to see if he's really got money."

Rumours that John Terry was caught sneaking around the club's guest room hopefully, wearing nothing but a captain's armband, were unfounded at press time.

February 04, 2010

The Mystery of the Captain's armband

Apparently, John Terry lost his captain's armband. The armband was last spotted on the thighs of a certain EPL bicycle who used it as a garter.

Where was it found?

a. Under Wayne Bridge's bed

b. Under Drogba's bed

c. Under Gudjohnson's bed

d. Under Hilarious' bed

e. Under Ashley Cole's bed

f. Under Mutu's bed

g. Under Roman's girlfriend's bed

h. Under the bed of a working girl at the brothel Avram visited.

February 02, 2010

Robbie Keane And The Ever-Changing Wiki Page

We at Hantu Bola love The Guardian's live updates. They're always funny, and we love it almost as much as we love Football365's Famous Mailbox, which we love a whole lot more than the entire crappy ESPN-owned Soccernet with all its annoying videos.

Anyway, yesterday Guardian had LIVE COVERAGE of one of the 'most important days in football' - the close of the January transfer window. Amongst some of the amusing updates, was The Robbie Keane Wiki Fiasco, which proves that you should never trust Wikipedia TOO much.

The whole thing started out with this:

Later, there was another update about Robbie Keane's Wiki page:

And from then onwards, apparently all hell broke loose. While I was away, Robbie Keane's Wikipedia page got updated a couple more times. When I got back, this was what I saw:

So off I went to Robbie Keane's Wikipedia page, where I saw this:

Pressing refresh from then on, I got different line every minute, ranging from Portsmouth bashing:

To the smart-ass:

The dumbfounding:

And the frivolous:

One joker even replaced his entire entry with this:

My favorite has to be this one though:

In the end it reverted back to the real Wiki page, but not before Guardian posted this:

See why you should never trust Wikipedia? LOL

January 31, 2010

conversation of the day

Friend: *points at my Malaysian national team jersey* So, why are you wearing a Malaysia jersey?

Vincent: Err....because I am Malaysian?

Friend: So, those fellas walking around town with the England jersey - they're English?

Vincent: No, they're Idiots.

p/s: JT, bro's before ho's man...

January 29, 2010

ESBN: Astro ada 3D, kita ada 1Malaysia 1World Cheer

KUALA LUMPUR: Hasbullah Awang fans all over Malaysia rejoiced today, for they will now have the chance to listen to the sweet sounds of their idol's commentary during the 2010 World Cup later this year.

Internet celebrity Yo Rais announced today that RTM (Rancangan Tergendala Malaysia) will have EXCLUSIVE rights to the World Cup! (only for 35 games though. You'll have to go to the mamak stall for the remaining 29 matches, or just turn on your Astro).

Yo Rais even announced a special slogan for the exclusive privilege - 1Malaysia, 1World Cheer.

"Astro ade 3D, kite ada 1Malaysia, 1World Cheer. Orang yang ancient macam saya pun tau bahawa nombor satu adalah lebih baik dari nombor tiga kan?" he was later rumoured to have told his drebar.

Rumours that Hasbullah Awang is planning to consult Shebby Singh on how to pronounce names like Sotirios Kyrgiakos (Ki-ri-gi-a-kos?) and Samir Handanovič (apasal name dia ade tanda BETUL punya?) were unfounded at press time.

January 24, 2010

manchester bersatu adalah organisasi haram

Normally, we don't get interesting things in our inbox. Sometimes are Nigerian guys trying to scam our money and we try to re-prank them. And usually, we like to think of ourselves as a top, top class football blog with our own material and our own jokes.

But sometimes, people insist on doing our job for us. We would be arrogant to turn down such an offer, so here is an unedited 'copy and paste' email that we got in our email yesterday. I certainly hope it was written by a Liverpool fan with an awesome sense of humour, but in this country, you never know...

Sebelum anda teruskan membaca artikel ini saya berharap supaya anda membuka fikiran anda seluasnya Tujuan saya terbitkan artikel ini adalah untuk mencerahkan apa yang sebelum ini gelap dan diikuti oleh ramai dari kita semua tanpa mereka sedari. Semoga apa yang dipaparkan akan membuka minda anda. Selamat Membaca!

Manchester United dan AC Milan. Siapa yang tidak kenal dengan pasukan bola sepak tersebut. Mereka memang hebat di gelanggang dan memiliki barisan pemain yang handal serta sumber kewngan yang kukuh. Mereka telah beberapa kali berjaya memenangi piala samada di kancah Negara mereka (England dan Italy), di pentas benua Eropah dan di pentas kejohanan kelab-kelab dunia. Kedua-dua kelab berkenaan mempunyai penyokong dari serata dunia hatta di Malaysia juga.

Namun di sebalik nama dan pencapaian hebat mereka di persada dunia dan memiliki sokongan tak berbelah-bahagi dari penyokong mereka di seluruh dunia, tersimpan pelbagai unsur-unsur kesyaitanan, masonik dan kawalan minda (mind control). Dana kelab-kelab berkenaan yang terlalu banyak menjadi misteri kerana dikaitkan dengan Freemason yang membiayai kelab-kelab tersebut. Pemilik Manchester United, Malcom Glazer merupakan seorang warga Amerika Syarikat yang berbangsa Yahudi yang sangat memusuhi Islam. Dia dikatakan membiayai sebuah pertubuhan Yahudi di Israel yang bertujuan membela pendatang-pendatang haram Yahudi di Palestin. Manakala AC Milan pernah diterajui oleh Perdana Menteri Italy, Silvio Berlusconi yang merupakan seorang Mason (ahli Freemason).

Kedua-dua kelab mempunyai persamaan dari segi logo dan warna tema mereka yang menyimpan pelbagai unsur Masonik, Kesyaitanan dan kawalan minda. Kedua-dua kelab memilih warna merah sebagai warna tema mereka di mana di dalam kepercayaan puak kafir penyembah syaitan, warna merah melambangkan ‘warna rasmi’ bagi syaitan itu sendiri. Di dalam teori tenaga, pada waktu hampir dengan senja, frekuensi cahaya merah sangat tinggi dan kita dinasihatkan agar tidak membiarkan anak-anak kita berkeliaran di luar rumah pada waktu senja kerana banyaknya syaitan yang berkeliaran pada waktu senja. Dan kita juga tidak digalakkan tidur pada waktu selepas Asar kerana akan menyebabkan kelembapan otak dan kegilaan kerana dikatakan frekuensi tenaga cahaya merah sangat tinggi menjelang senja.

Kedua-dua kelab ini juga mempunyai logo yang menyerupai sebiji mata, di mana mata dikaitkan dengan unsur All Seeing Eye, Eye of Horus atau Mata Dajjal. Lambang mata satu ini juga terdapat pada not USD 1, matawang Amerika Syarikat. Cuba perhatikan betul-betul pada kedua-dua logo ini di bawah:

Pada logo Manchester United, terdapat satu ‘devil’ yang sedang memegang garpu yang memang diketahui lambang tersebut adalah lambang syaitan. Perkataan ‘Red Devil’ (syaitan merah) juga sesuai digunakan untuk menerangkan lambang berkenaan dan turut digunaan oleh Manchester United selain MUFC, Man Utd, Man U dan MU bagi melambangkan kelab berkenaan. Dua biji bola yang terdapat di logo berkenaan dikatakan oleh pengkaji konspirasi sebagai Ra atau Amon-Ra yang merupakan Tuhan Matahari bagi masyarakat Mesir Purba.

Pada logo Manchester United terdapat sebanyak lebih kurang sebanyak lima NOMBOR 13, secara jelas atau tersirat jikalau diperhatikan secara teliti. Angka 13 merupakan angka yang melambangkan angka sial bagi masyarakat Eropah dan juga melambangkan nombor kesukaan syaitan bagi para penyembah syaitan. Jikalau anda dapat melukiskan seperti di bawah pada logo ini maka anda akan mendapati satu pentagram, bitang berbucu 5 yang terbalik yang merukan bintang yang melambangkan Baphomet, syaitan berkepala kambing yang disembah oleh para Mason peringkat tinggi. Dan bucu yang melambangkan Baphomet (bucu bawah), ia menghala ke perkataan UNITED seolah-olah menyuruh para penyokong MUFC bersatu di atas nama Baphomet.

Perkataan MASON boleh didapati secara tersembunyi dan tersirat pada logo ini. Selain itu, selalunya Manchester United dibahasakan sebagai MAN U di mana Manu merupakan Dewa bagi masyarakat Hindu. Sekali lagi unsur agama paganisme selain Ra diterapkan dalam logo ini. Perkataan MAN U itu jikalau ditambahkan setiap angka yang mewakili huruf tersebut, kita akan dapati angka 13 pada hasil tambah akhir nombor berkenaan. Contoh:

M=13 A=1 N=14 U=21


Jika kita abaikan MA pada Manchester (yang mana MA bermaksud MASON) huruf N,C, H,E,S,T,E,R juga boleh mendapat angka kesukaan penyembah syaitan.

E dan R
E=5, R=18


N=14 C=3 H=8 E=5 S=19 T=20


No 33 adalah angka kesukaan penyembah syaitan. Selain itu juga ia merupakan darjat tertinggi dalam Freemason di mana ahli yang ada darjat 33, meyembah syaitan dalam ritual mereka.

AC Milan pula tidak kurang hebatnya unsur Masonik, kesyaitanan dan kawalan minda pada logo mereka. Satu salib yang terdapat pada logo berkenaan jelas mengambarkan salib Knight Templar. Apa beza salib Kristian dan salib Knight Templar? Salib Kristian persilangan dua batang tersebut tidak berada di tengah-tengah batang yang panjang sebaliknya pada bahagian bawah persilangan lebih panjang dari bahagian atas. Salib Knight Templar pula kedua-dua persilangan berada pada tengah-tengah setiap batang. Cuba perhatikan di bawah salib para Knight Templar dan salib Kristian:

Salib Templar

Salib Kristian

Salib Templar di logo AC Milan

Knight Templar merupakan satu pasukan askar yang sangat kejam yang menyembelih seluruh umat Islam semasa mereka menawan Baitulmuqaddis. Mereka merupakan penyembah Baphomet dan syaitan yang mengamalkan ajaran Kabbalah, ajaran kesihiran dan kesyaitanan. Para Knight Templar juga adalah asas bagi pertubuhan Freemason moden.

Pada logo berkenaan jiga terdapat 1899 yang mungkin kita faham sebagai tahun penubuhan kelab berkenaan. Namun sebaliknya secara tersiratnya jikalau 1 dan 8 ditambahkan akan membentuk 9 dan jika 9 berkenaan digabungkan dengan 99 yang ada dan diterbalikkan, hasilnya angka 666 yang mana angka 666 adalah angka ‘Lambang Raksasa”, Mark of Beast atau angka kejahatan. Pada logo AC Milan juga jikalau salib berkenaan disifatkan sebagai X dan dicampurkan dengan belang-belang yang terdapat di sebelah X berkenaan akan membentuk XIII yang mana angka 13 juga terpakai pada logo ini. Tidak cukup lagi, huruf ACM pada logo berkenaan jikalau dimainkan nombornya:

A=1 C=3 M=13 akan membentuk 13,13 dimana angka 13 berulang sangat disukai para penyembah syaitan.

Secara umumnya para penyokong kelab-kelab berkenaan jikalau kita perhatikan sejarah perlawanan mereka, mereka gemar bergaduh dengan para penyokong kelab lain. Mereka juga gemar merosakkan harta benda awam dan melakukan vandalisme. Para penyokong kelab-kelab ini juga samada di Eropah atau di Malaysia sangat taksub dengan kelab ini sehinggakan sanggup berbelanja lebih untuk membeli cenderahati, melanggan ASTRO dan melepak di kedai makan semata-mata menonton kelab kegilaan mereka.

Lagi sedih, ada yang memakai tanduk ala ‘Devil’ semata-mata menunjukkan sokongan mereka yang tidak berbelah bahagi. Mereka juga sanggup menghabiskan masa terluang semata-mata menonton pasukan kesayangan mereka sehinggakan terlepas solat Maghrib (ada perlawanan dijalankan pada waktu Maghrib di Malaysia) dan bersengkang mata sehinggakan terlepas solat Subuh akibat menonton perlawanan larut malam. Dajal lebih mengetahui diri kita lebih dari kebanyakan dari kita tahu dan dia menggunakannya untuk melemahkan kita. Dan dia menggunakan kelemahan kita ini untuk merosakkan jiwa kita tanpa kita sedar.

Adakah ini yang mahu anda jadikan sebagai pujaan? Sedarkah kita semua menghabiskan banyak duit dengan membeli jersi-jersi yang mempunyai lambang-lambang mereka ini? Tidak kurang mereka yang memakainya ketika solat. Mereka sesungguhnya tidak akan berputus asa menjauhkan kita dari maha pencipta, Allah s.w.t.

Iblis berkata: " Wahai Tuhanku! Kerana Engkau telah menjadikan daku sesat, (maka) demi sesungguhnya aku akan memperelokkan segala jenis maksiat kepada Adam dan zuriatnya di dunia ini, dan aku akan menyesatkan mereka semuanya.
"Kecuali di antara zuriat-zuriat Adam itu hamba-hambaMu yang dibersihkan dari sebarang syirik".
Al-Hijr 39-40

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