July 21, 2006

Signs you are out of shape

Yesterday was the day which saw Hantubola's first futsal meet (like you didn't know that already). For many (including myself), the term pancit was quite a polite term to be used for us (especially me). What are the signs you may ask? Think about it. When was the last time you ran? For some, it was a matter of days. Others, weeks. I'm sure nobody last ran months ago. But I last ran 2 years ago. *malu*

  1. The first few seconds started brilliantly. Then as we crossed the 1 minute mark, it was like there was not enough oxygen in the Barn.
  2. You wonder why you are huffing and puffing while your teamates keep on running.
  3. You wonder if the massu... female trio on the bench are secretly recording your pathetic state of fitness.
  4. You bail out after approximately 4-5 minutes, seeking more oxygen...while sitting on the bench.
  5. It suddenly seemed like a rational idea to bail.
I'm definately preparing myself for the next meetup. Till now, I'm feeling various cramps, aches, pains and numbness in various parts of the body that I can be a sports medic's case study. And I had to Yoko-Yoko my back, legs & feet before going to bed.

Maybe I should go and get something more comfortable (like proper futsal shoes) for the next session. I bet it would perform better than my Reebok running shoes.

Here is a tip. Exercise 3 times a week prior to a session of futsal. Then maybe when you are fit, you can boast like a certain 'lubricant' on how you can play futsal today and badminton the next day.

And if you are lucky, you suddenly may find yourself doing the Jogo Bonito like this random dude...


.... Otherwise you might be nursing an injury during your budget meeting at work. Ouch.

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