December 23, 2009

Hasbullah Awang's twitter quotes. Apparently.

1. Oh, Zizie Izette juga turun memberikan sokongan kepada Sabah. Saya tidak nampak lagi kelibat Bung Mukhtar.

Oh rio ferdinand!!! rio ferdinand!! rio ferdinand menjaringkan gol untuk england....

Ahh..apa saja yang dilakukan oleh Rozita Che Wan...sampai turun ke padang memberi sokongan!

Beliau berbadan kecil, namun besar gaya permainannya.. oh terjelepuk beliau disitu..

5. N
ampaknya pengadil melayangkan kad merah! oh bukan...nampaknya ada pemain yang tercicir kad pengenalan

Ohh!? beliau bagaikan mahu menghantar bola ke tempat kelahirannya di Tamparuli,Sabah!!" (menyepak bola ke penonoton)

7. S
epakan percuma yang sungguh cantik, tidak perlu dibayar dengan wang ringgit

8. P
ara pemain sedang meningkatkan suhu permainan.. " (body heat?)

9. S
epakan percuma diberikan di situ......oh, sepakan penjuru barangkali"

10. ""A
kmal rizal mengelecek, dan makanan kesukaannya adalah nasik lemak buatan emaknya"

11. Beliau merupakan pemain import yang berbakat, dan beliau juga amat meminati Siti Nurhaliza

GOALLLLLLL!!!! Malaysia menjaringkan goal!!!!!! GOALLLLLLL! Oh tidak, bola memasuki jaring ke belakang.

13. O
h smash tajam, CANTEEKK.. tapi sayang jatuh di jaring.....

Abu, pemain Sarawak yang berasal dari Kelantan. Sudah lama saya tidak makan budu Kelantan. Mengidam pula.

Pemain yg berasal dari daerah keningau, daerah yg paling teruk dilanda ribut Greg

Pemain tinggi lampai, kacak rupanya.. sekiranya tidak bermain bola boleh menjadi pelakon filem...

December 17, 2009



SEA Games: Malaysia beats Vietnam 1-0 in final

Malaysia finally ended its 20-year gold drought in the SEA Games men’s football competition, when it defeated Vietnam 1-0 in the final played at the Main Stadium of the National Sports Complex in Vientiane on Thursday. - The Star


What a second half that was!!!We should have been three goals up if not for some shoddy finishing and one shot cleared off the line.

Wah tension only the last five minutes, especially when that Vietnamese player JUST missed equalizing from a lovely floated cross right over the Malaysian defenders.

FINALLY something to be proud of. Good to see me wearing the Harimau jersey on Tuesday didn't jinx the team after all...


December 15, 2009

Eat You Heart Out, Becks

As seen on that weekday footie show (what's it called? The one with Jamie Yeo?). Selamba only Figueroa take the free kick.

Goal of the week.

December 14, 2009

Forget those bloody English clubs... MALAYSIA MASUK FINAL!!!!!

Never mind Liverpoolmanyoochelskiasrsenal.


After famously beating Thailand 2-1 last week, we managed to beat Laos 3-1 in the semis to enter the final tonight!

We'll be meeting Vietnam though, who beat us 3-1 in the group stages. Still, at least the national team has FINALLY given us something to cheer about!

PS: On another note, our female footballers were thrashed 14-0 by Thailand, 8-0 by Vietnam, 5-0 by Laos, and 7-1 by Myanmar. Hey, at least our girls managed to score ONE goal....

PSS: Who wanna bet if we LOSE the final (which I hope they won't, touch wood), people will STILL be criticising them for bottling it?

CIBAI #whogivesafuckanymore

Aquilani has beady eyes.
Rafa, next time make like Arsene and SCREAM at your players can?
Why do I even bother watching football anymore?

December 09, 2009

Weirdest Headline of the Day

Yeah, the Cruise is indeed a Tom Cruise.

Yeah well Wenger does have a thing for short dudes in his squad, it seems.... now I wonder what kind of advise he would seek from his pal Becks....

December 05, 2009

World War 2010

Group A
South Africa - powered by Charlize Theron's smile
Mexico - powered by burritos
Uruguay - powered coz they won the first one
France - powered by Thierry Henry's hand

Group B
Argentina - powered by Tevez's continual bitching
Nigeria - powered by flying super eagles
South Korea - powered by Park-Ji Sung's third lung
Greece - powered by The Gods

Group C
England - powered by David Beckham's latest haircut
USA - powered by the same people who brought you Liverpool Soccer Club
Algeria - powered by the Tropic of Cancer
Slovenia - powered by a lot of Alps

Group D
Germany - powered by Oktoberfest
Australia - powered by useless people like Mark Viduka
Serbia - powered by superb people like Nemanja Vidic
Ghana - powered by Bintang Hitam

Group E
Netherlands - powered by horse placentas
Denmark - powered by Eyeris Learns To Rock
Japan - powered by VVTI, NEO-VVL, i-VTEC, MIVEC, Wankel-rotary......
Cameroon - powered by crazy-flexibile-bodies during throw-ins

Group F
Italy - powered by headbutts
Paraguay - powered by a person named Santa
New Zealand - overpowered by their rugby mates
Slovakia - powered by lots of roads

Group G
Brazil - powered by samba
North Korea - powered by Kim Yong-il nuclear toys
Ivory Coast - powered by Drogba's multi talented acting career
Portugal - powered by Cristiano "80 Mil Best Buy" Ronaldo

Group H
Spain - powered by breastfeeding Torres
Switzerland - powered by Swiss Bank Accounts
Honduras - powered by their political crisis
Chile - not powered by their horses's placentas

December 03, 2009

Calls for Bruno Torres To Be Charged

LIVERPOOL: Liverpool star striker Fernando "Bruno" Torres is courting controversy yet again! A couple of years after The Sun pictured him trying to breast-feed his baby daughter, Bruno's parental skills are once again called into question as he tries to teach her Scouse language.

Speaking to the Liverpool official website, Bruno bemused the world by claiming, "For me, Anfield is the best place in England. I hope to be here for a long time and if my daughter speaks English and Scouse, I will be proud."

Rumours that he has been paying Jamie Carragher to conduct tuition classes for her have been circulating since the news broke. This news has upset parents' groups throughout the country who are demanding that the Spaniard be charged with child abuse and neglect.

"This is ridiculous!" raged angry mother, Katie Price, "all around England we are trying to teach children to speak the Queen's English
and these foreigners are setting a bad example!" When pointed out that Jamie Carragher was indeed English, Ms. Price stormed away in disbelief.

Just 2 years ago, the effeminate Bruno was caught trying to breast-feed his daughter near the Liverpool docks. His then team mate Xabi Alonso had to tell him that no matter how much they enjoyed playing the role in bed at night, he really couldn't breastfeed. Back then, parents' groups were in disbelief at his stupidity, as they sure are now.

Mr. Alonso has since moved on to bigger things, but at of press time, a replacement has not been found...

Update by the editor:

HBBN has just been informed that Bruno Torres' daughter was born this summer. HBBN would like to categorically state that it has never claimed to be the oracle of truth, unlike a certain local online news portals. HBBN hopes and trusts that you do not take us to be the oracle of truth either.

December 01, 2009

Old Trafford Maid

Now we know how Grandpa Giggsy wins Red Whisky Nose's heart until the tender age of 36.

Dirty Old Git