July 25, 2006

Why Malaysian Football is Irrelevant

I was surfing around for football news on the ever-reliable but hopelessly named Soccernet, when it dawned upon me that I have Zero Knowledge about what is happening in my own country.

The last thing I remember about Malaysian Football is..... Johor FC became Johor's latest football club.

-_-". Yeah, I know, that was a really long time ago!

So, like a madman armed with a keyboard, I frantically typed in http://thestar.com.my (because I was dead sure Soccernet can't possibly have news from the 146th-ranked country in the world right?) and immediately clicked the Sports button, and clicked the first Malaysian football related news I saw.

This one.

Telekom not losing sleep over Zainal’s absence

Then, after reading that bloody boring article I was thinking to myself.
  • Since when was there a team called Malacca Telekom?
  • Kedah are the new Premier League champions?
  • Wow, there is a stadium in Malacca called Hang Jebat Stadium! Guess pretty soon we will have a Puteri Gunung Ledang Fitness Centre.
  • So....many....local....player's names ......I....don't.....know....how..... they.....look.....like....
  • Super League, Premier League, Malaysia Cup, FA Cup....wah, so many competitions. How many teams are there in Malaysia again?


I seem to know a lot more about English, Spanish, Italian, German and even the Scootish Leagues, but how come I don't know what is happening in my home country?


So to keep in with Malaysian tradition (as we learnt from the Parliament), one party asks the uninteresting question and the other will give a stupid answer. What stupid answer can I possibly come up with today?

Shebby not contributing enough to the local scene?

Hmmm, not stupid enough.

FAM not sending local players to the above mentioned leagues?

Hmmm, still not stupid enough.

Ah! I know! Soccernet doesn't give us enough Malaysian Football News!

Definately sounds stupid enough. :)

p.s. Maybe I'll start watching local footie if MyTeam competes. Till then, I will just yawn (like how I watch those LiverPoo matches).

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