July 01, 2006

gathering fun

Take your pick out of the funnies that happened last night (and very early this morning). Names have been ommited to protect the innocent, everybody shall now be called 'HERO'.

1) Hero assaulting everybody including pinching people's nipples.
2) Hero falling over from not being able to stand straight, while shouting, "Woi, fucker, I am NOT DRUNK ok!"
3) Hero sensing that an AhBeng with blonde hair on the next table was a little drunk and not feeling too well, went over to offer the AhBeng a half eaten roti-planta so that the AhBeng could sober up.
4) Male Hero prancing around in a handbag.

And if you think those were funny/stupid things people do when drunk, wait till you hear this....


5) There were THREE Liverpool fans there.

See kids, alcohol isn't good for health. Green fanta kicks ass.

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