June 30, 2008

It must really suck to be them right now.





PS: Shebby, JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP. You and your FUCKING MONOTONE DRONE makes you officially the pundek with the MOST ANNOYING VOICE EVER.

PS: And what the fuck was with that Pirates of the Caribbean theme playing when they were presented the trophy? What happened to good old We Are The Champions?

June 26, 2008

I may as well follow GILLINGHAM now...

This was too funny NOT to post...

I especially liked how there was only three people left in the room when he asked all the Arsenal, Chelsea, and Scouse fans to leave. hahahahaha.

June 23, 2008

Go Espana!

Damn those bloody Italians and their bus-in-front-of-goal tactics.
The first full match I've watched this entire tournament, and it goes into fucking PENALTIES.
I was so scared the bloody Italians would go through.
But Casillas rocks.
Now bring on the Russians!

PS. How funny was that Buffoon fumble that nearly went in, eh?

June 16, 2008


I would have gone to sleep already, but my Utopia kingdom is in the middle of a war. We had a wave coming up. And my armies were coming back from the previous wave. But I still had 30 minutes of waiting time.

So I checked in on that circus going on in Switzerland and Austria.


Turkey down 2-0 after an hour.
They score three in the last 15 minutes to take the lead.
Turkish goalie gets sent off in injury time.
Baros gets a yellow card (apparently). He wasn't even on the pitch (technically)!

The BBC photographer went dizzy from all the craziness

This was better than Holland vs Czech Republic in 2004.

At least Cech gets to take a proper summer break. He looked like he needed one.

June 14, 2008

Felipao gonna tarpao you!!!

I'm sure those of you who have not been distracted by the circus in Austria / Switzerland, or the Shebby-lovers on FB, would have heard the most important piece of news this summer.

Big Phil Scolari will be the new Chelsea manager from next month.

How cool is that? Even his nickname is cool; like Big John Studd of 80s wrestling. But more potent.

I gonna getchew, ManYoo!

Already the transfer gossip is churning. As it normally does at this time of year. Welcome to the EPL Big Phil. If the dressing room will really have prayer sessions before games, then I have one particular prayer to suggest:

Our godfather who art in the directors' box,
Roman be thy name.
Thy empire comes, points will be won,
away, as they are at the Bridge.
Give the players their wages,
and forgive the goals conceded,
as we score a hell of a lot more than we let in.
And lead us not into relegation,
but deliver us from cracked trophies (and penalty shoot-outs).
For the league, the cup and all the trophies are belong to us,
now and forever.


Keep The Blue Flag Flying High!!!

June 10, 2008

Holland vs Italy. Not really a match report.

I tried.
Really I did.
I tried to stay up last night to watch the group C matches.
The supposed Group of Death.
I wanted really to watch the Holland Italy one.
So I first watched the France Romania one to kill time.
But it put me to sleep instead.
And I couldn't tahan anymore after that borefest that I went home to sleep.
Then I woke up in the morning all refreshed.
And saw that the Oranges had beaten the old Italian fogies.
3-0 samore.
So there you have it.
The FIRST Official Hantu Bola post on that tournament going on in Europe.

June 08, 2008

What is Euro 2008?

Well, it seems to be some kind of football tournament held in Europe.

The way this place is still quiet even though there were two games yesterday is strange. The silence is deafening.


Maybe there will be some life in HB when the group stages are done.

Till then, we will be having an "elegant silence"......

June 02, 2008

more moscow pictures!

Because I have slow friends, I just got this in the mail today...