August 30, 2009

Update on Yesterday's Match Of The Day

Arse Arsh scored first.
Ammonia gifted Man Yoo's first goal.
Diaby added a cherry on top with a comical own goal.
Wenger didn't know where to go after kicking the can bottle.

Two other meaningless teams managed to win too in matches no one else cared about.

August 28, 2009

UEFA Family Day Telematch Groupings

"Ok kids, please make 8 rows, 4 kids in a row... NO TALKING!!!"

Looks like all 4 English teams got relatively easy groupings. Who the heck is Debreceni?

Group A:
Bayern Munich
Maccabi Haifa

Group B:
CSKA Moscow
VfL Wolfsburg

Group C:
AC Milan
Real Madrid
FC Zurich

Group D:
FC Porto
Atletico Madrid

Group E:

Group F:
Inter "I'm too special for my team" Milan
Dynamo Kiev
FC Rubin Kazan (probably named after the Afghanistan president)

Group G:
FC Sevilla
VfB Stuttgart
Unirea Urziceni (isn't that a urinary tract disease?)

Group H:
AZ Alkmaar
Standard Liege

August 25, 2009

Cibai #2

At Anfield samore.
CIBAI Lucas.
Kenot puji a bit also wan.
Puji a bit, own goal pulak.
Face it Rafa,
Lucas ain't no Alonso.

August 20, 2009

ESBN: Liverpool's Faith In Owen Pays Off

SOMEWHERE IN INGERLAND: Liverpool's greatest and arguably most dastardly transfer this year, Michael Owen, paid dividends last night when he helped Burnley to a 1-0 win over Men.United.

In the game last night, Owen did his part for Liverpool's cause by being completely invisible to everyone. He never put a foot wrong throughout the game (in fact, he hardly put a foot anywhere near the ball at all), and even managed to 'accidentally' drift offside AND miss a clear header during the game.

And to top it all off, Owen even managed to dupe Carrick into believing that Fergit had been referring to HIM when he said, "Michael, you're taking the penalties this game".

The biggest disappointment was that Owen never got the chance to finish the game, as he was taken off at the 63rd minute by a perplexed Fergit who thought he'd signed the next Henrik Larsson.

In other news, Stoke City didn't manage to throw the ball into the net at Anfield, though Liverpool did manage to knock it into the goal four times, as opposed to none in the last season.

August 17, 2009

Season 2009-10 Cibai #1

Fuck. We really miss Xabi.
Babel is useless.
Voronin is useless.
C'mon Rafa splurge the cash ONE LAST TIME.

August 11, 2009

Mabok Bola Festival

This year, Hantu Bola will be celebrating opening weekend of the new season on BOTH days!

Venue: The Chippy @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Saturday, 15 August 2009:
1st kick-off 19:45 - Chelsea vs Hull
Late kick-off 00:15 - Everton vs North London Sports School

Sunday, 16 August 2009:
1st kick-off 20:30 - Power Rangers Mystic Force vs Birmingham
Late kick-off - Shebby's fave team vs Spanish Scousers

This is the only football viewing party that lasts for two days! We are more keng than that pretend jazz thing in the jungle! LOL

August 01, 2009

Rest in peace, Sir Bobby

Pikcher curi-ed from

A legend has passed. Here's a tribute to Sir Bobby, hantubola style.

Alan Shearer has done very well for us, considering his age. We have introduced some movement into his game because he has got two good legs now. Last season he played with one leg.

If you count your chickens before they've hatched, they won't lay an egg.

They've never really allowed the Germans have a free head. (Lils - :p)

Newcastle have always had a poor pitch in winter. We don't have the better weather. My lawn up here isn't as good as my lawn in Ipswich.

Football's like a big market place, and people go to the market every day to buy their vegetables. (Christina is a bloody expensive turnip)

Gary Speed has never played better, never looked fitter, never been older.

Home advantage gives you an advantage.

In a year's time, he's a year older.

We're flying on Concorde. That'll shorten the distance. That's self-explanatory.

So long Sir Bobby. You will be missed and thank you for the memories.