July 07, 2006

A Shebbyfied Prediction of the World Cup Final

Yes, the World Cup final is upon us, and it's Italy vs France.

And I shall now Do a Shebby and offer a prediction on the match this Sunday, based on the following factors:
  • The team I support in any competition only ever win their big matches when I'm OUT of the country, and
  • I shall be in Singapore when the Final comes around
  • I don't support either Italy or France
Now, if you take all those three factors into account, it stands to reason that the final score in the Final will be......


(even after Extra time, AND penalties.)

The final will then be decided like this:
  • Both teams will have to pick the two best divers in the team
  • Scores will be given based on who can do the best synchronised swan-dive off the goal post, AND still land in the penalty box.
  • The Final Winner will eventually be decided by a panel of judges consisting of Fu Mingxia, Greg Louganis, the Doi Doi Crybaby, Arjen "WHEE!" Robben, Joe Cole, Ruud Van Horse, and the Oscar voters from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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