June 27, 2006

HANTU BOLA World Cup Gathering: Germany vs Argentina!

By the power vested in me (which is pathetically little), I hereby announce that the NEXT Hantu Bola World Cup gathering will be for... jeng jeng jeng...

Date: Friday, 30th June
Venue: Chakri Palace, Mont Kiara Plaza - confirmed
Time: 10.30 pm - confirmed

From experience, SO only accepts reservations up til 7:30pm only, so we'll need to see how many people can turn up, and then only reserve the table.

So, I need you guys to COMMENT and CONFIRM who is coming this FRIDAY... NOW, so that we can book the tables. so... comment comment comment fast fast fast...

As for how you're gonna recognise us, lets just say it's pretty hard to miss us, ok? :P

PS: We'll gauge the response on the day, and see whether we wanna do it again for the England Portugal match ok?


Update (2:53pm):

Apparently, Souled Out is, as expected, sold out.. er.. I mean, full for Friday night. some nut went and booked the whole damn place for a private function. damn selfish i tell you, no consideration for Hantu Bolas at all.

Anyway, we're planning to move OUR party back to Chakri Palace at MONT KIARA PLAZA (which is the easiest place to get reservations, plus we're too damn lazy to think of anywhere else), and will probably move back the time to 10pm onwards....

Damn, no Jameson again. sigh...


Update (5:55pm):

We have a table in front of the big screen at Chakri Palace in Mont Kiara Plaza, the booking is for 10:30 pm, so everyone has plenty of time to move their behinds and come on over.

First-timers to HantuBola gatherings should look for the tell-tale signs when trying to locate the table; e.g. bottle of whiskey in the centre of table, a super-thin scouser, a bespectacled Manure glory hunter, a botak feller who's pretending to be sober, etc.

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