June 30, 2006

My Dream Final

Yeah. World Cup take 2-day break, Hantu Bola also take 2-day break.

See, we so update.

Anyway, The quarter-finals start today, and since my dream final of Argentina vs Spain can no longer take place (thanks to Aragones' bright idea of not sticking to a winning formula), I shall now see what kind of final I REALLY want.

Lemme see:

Argentina: MY favorite team now after Spain. I want them in final.
Germany: Don't like them. Never did.
England: Don't like them. Overhyped.
Portugal: Don't like them. Especially the crybaby.
Italy: Don't like them. Cheaters.
Ukraine: Don't like them. Boring.
Brazil: Don't like them. Too many bandwagonist fans.
France: Don't like them. They knocked out Spain.

So... with the above expert analysis... I proudly announce that my current dream final will be...

Argentina playing with themselves. (Shiit, that didn't come out right.)

All the other teams can go fuck themselves. (Shiit, that didn't come out right either.)


Oh, and remember, tonight the Hantu Bola will be watching...

Date: Friday, 30th June
Venue: Chakri Palace, Mont Kiara Plaza

Time: 10.30 pm

WHO'S COMING?!?!?!???????

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