June 20, 2006

Obligatory Second Round er... round-up

Well, at least for once, Spain didn't let me down.

So, most of the favorites are through, except Italy-who-can't-even-beat-9-men-USA, No-Strikers-Czech Republic, and France-what's-a-win?

Anyway, only two groups without a clear qualifier, and the Italy-US-Ghana-Czech & Korea-France-Swiss-Togo group is looking very tight indeed. Go Ghana!

Argentina have set the bar in terms of awesome football, and frankly, after that match against S&M (I even saw the replay of that match THREE TIMES, FULL MATCH each time), the games thereafter have been pretty boring in comparison. Yes yes, some exciting wins, but the football has been boring. To me at least. Oh, except Spain. Even though they went a goal down, they still played a lot better than say... Chubby-Ron's BRAZIL.

So... on current form, I'd LOVE IT, just LOVE IT, if Spain meet Argentina in the Semis or Final. And Spain to win, of course. teehee.

England? What's that?

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