June 10, 2006

What's the big deal?

Recently, we've been getting millions of reports in the newspapers about how there are (gasp!) female football fans!

Wow, by reading all these articles, you would've thought that football was an exclusive sport that no female could EVER possibly like and that female football fans are some hitherto undiscovered species that miraculously appeared on the face of earth like a bunch of aliens. But isn't it just the same as any other sport? There are millions of girls who love rugby, tennis, badminton, athletics, cricket, whatever. So why is it that we can't like football? Just because there are millions of other bimbos, doesn't make sports less attractive to other females. Not everyone is Alex Curran you know.

I have this whole categorisation thing that isn't really independent of Vincent's analysis of the many different groups of girls who watch football. Mine is just a much simpler way of looking at a female fan's intention.

There are girls who watch football for the "cute" guys [I find it hard to name 5 cute guys in football, well, that's MY problem, I suppose]; girls who watch football to join in the 'hype' and because its the 'trend' during World Cup/Euro [i.e. my best friend]; girls who are geniunely into the game; girls who watch football because of their BFs/partners and who support a certain club JUST because their BFs/partners do [really annoying. Why must having a BF/partner make you spineless?]; girls who watch football to impress guys, for whatever reason; girls who just watch football because football is exciting and they have nothing else to do on during weekends; girls who watch football because they have nothing to do; and girls like me who are naturally '8' and enjoy EVERYTHING about football from the history to tactics to their personal lives.

But the point is, loads of girls watch football - and I don't see why people get so surprised over it. There are even some cases wherein the girls know more than guys do about football. I definitely know quite a few of those.

Although there ARE some really annoying female fans who go around posting, on the GENERAL FOOTBALL DISCUSSION FORUM, something like, "Dont u thk gerrard is lyk sooooooooooo sexy xxx" It's bad enough that you're posting in the WRONG forum, please at least try to spell properly!

But even though I sometimes get tired of them, I think that there will also ALWAYS be female fans who ARE into the footballers and think they are cute. You can't have everything, after all.

And anyway, a lot of GUYS WATCH TENNIS FOR MARIA SHARAPOVA. And she isn't even that hot. So why should the rules be any different for females?

So really, whats the big deal?

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