June 09, 2006

The US is gonna win the World Cup (only if they could use their hands)

Why I wish I'm never in the US during the World Cup again...
  • They call it the SOCCER World Cup
  • You ask the hotel reception if they are showing the World Cup on TV, and they go "HUH?"
  • The presenters compare it to Americas (The new world) vs The Rest of the World (Old World). RIGHT. The only 'Americas' that matter in the World Cup is the one in the South, dudes.
  • The way they hype up Team USA, you'd think the Americans are gonna win the World Cup. It's actually almost as bad as the England coverage, and at least the English never took their penalites from the centre circle...
  • Next to the American presenters, Shebby sounds like freaking Martin Tyler
  • They have countless arguments over which is the best game - our football, or THEIR play-it-with-your-hands 'Foot'ball'
  • They keep getting distracted by the NBA finals instead
  • One more hour to go, the whole world is talking about the World Cup, and they are discussing what the best catch in baseball was...
  • They remember losing in the first round in Korea as "ALMOST knocking out Germany"
  • Their 3 players to watch for the tournament: Ronaldinho, Michael Owen and.... Brian McBride

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