June 13, 2006

22 men chasing a ball

As football fans, I am sure we always get asked one irritatingly annoying question:

"What's so interesting about a game where 22 men chase a ball?"

And of course, most of the time, you guys are stupefied because you can't say much after that once some random moron asks you such a stupid question. But fret not, since you can actually answer them with this custom-made answer which I personally tried out today (which worked, too)...

Actually hor...22 men don't chase the ball. Usually one team has it and the other team tries to get it. Besides, the ball doesn't move by itself, so you can't chase it per-se, not like Quiddich. And then, usually the keepers don't 'chase' the ball.

And besides, I can think of many instances where people don't CHASE balls...

If you are Brazillian, you don't chase the ball - it magically sticks to your feet.

If you are Italian, you don't chase the ball - you just kick it as deep into the opposition half as you can.

If you are French, you don't chase the ball - you just give it to Henry.

If you are Portugese, you don't chase the ball - Ronaldo will keep it all the time.

If you are German, you don't chase the ball - Lehmann will do that for you, even if it means running out of the penalty box.

If you are English, you don't chase the ball - Gerrard the animal will do it for you.

If you are Dutch, you don't chase the ball - you just wait for Robben to swan dive and the ref will give you the ball.

If you are Malaysian, you don't chase the ball - Shebby will shit talk the opponents and they get pissed at him and throw the ball at his face.

If you are Singaporean, you don't chase the ball - you give citizenship to few foreigners and they will chase the ball for you.

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