June 02, 2006


Before we move on to the intermediate stage of The Croucherena, we at Hantu Bola would like to show you the Ultimate Dance Move that was premiered by our Supreme Dance Master Crouch recently, the Crouch-bot!

(Pictures of the Robokop taken from BBC Online)

For more footage, including videos and pictures, do go check out BBC Online's World Cup blog HERE:


Caution, only trained professionals are allwoed to use this dance move. So unless you're at least 7 feet tall and wearing an England Jersey, do not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt this move without supervision.

Not unless you want everyone around you to keel over and die from laughter, that is.

Do check out the video footage from Anfield Red HERE. It's so popular that it's caused the website to go down. Truly hilarious shit, I tell ya.

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