June 03, 2006

Football Crazy?

I was reading some of the articles in last Sunday's [I think] NST and I was shocked to read that people actually do things such as quitting their jobs for the sake of watching the World Cup.

Honestly, this will only be my second World Cup and maybe the craziest thing that I've ever done to watch a World Cup match was to get the teachers to cancel extra class so we could all go home and watch Brazil v England. [And even then, that was only my second World Cup match! And the whole class wanted to watch it anyway, so technically, it wasn't really the craziest thing I did.]

But, really, does the World Cup mean THAT much to people?

I mean, what is the point of watching every single game? They don't exactly give out honours for that, do they? [Imagine becoming a Datuk because you have watched every single game of the World Cup! Now that'd be funny wouldn't it? But then again, people become Datuks for nothing these days, so won't be surprised if something like that happens in the future!]

Maybe I don't really get it because I'm not THAT into international football so I don't get what all the fuss is about - especially when our local "England" fans are even more enthusiastic about the England team than most English people I know. Funny, isn't it?

We seem to hate the Malaysian team and can never find a superlative which is humble enough to adorn them with. The English hate their own England team while the rest of the world idolises these overpaid millionaires who really, would do a lot better if only they had hired someone like Martin O'Neill to give them a good bollocking every time their ego swells to an extraordinary level. [But then again, what do I know? I'm just a girl!]

I would've thought that since it is so hard to find a job nowadays even if you have a degree from some prestigious university and graduate with super honours and get 19A1's that the last thing someone would do is give up their job just to watch the World Cup!!! I mean, he could've pretended to get into a coma AND get extra money from "medical bills" or something!

I think the craziest thing I have done after watching a football match is to run into this cupboard sitting near my door because I was running too fast and I couldn't stop myself in time because I was too excited after Liverpool had won some match.

So tell me, what is the craziest thing you have ever done to watch a football match? Or what is the craziest thing YOU are planning to do just so you get to watch the matches in the upcoming World Cup?

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