June 04, 2006

The Doi-Doi Crybaby

I was reading this piece of news on Soccernet about Scolari scolding Christiano Ronaldo about reacting to a tackle, and there was this line:

In the build-up to Euro 2004, Scolari substituted him in a warm-up match and said he did not want players who were 'doi-doi' - a phrase which has no exact translation but seemed to be referring to the player's tendency to produce stepovers and tricks for show at inappropriate moments.


Damn, how did I miss THAT in 2004? That's the most brilliantly sounding 'insult' I've ever heard. Never mind that it's not insulting in meaning, it sounds absolutely brilliant. It rolls of the tongue just perfectly, and you will never get tired of saying it.

Try it try it try it: Doi-Doi, Doi-Doi, Doi-Doi, Doi-Doi

See? It's brilliant!

In view of this, I hereby christian er... Christiano Ronaldo with a new Hantu Bola nickname:

The Doi-Doi Crybaby!

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