June 19, 2006

Who cares about the First Round anymore?

We are now entering that phase in the World Cup where everyone just doesn't give a damn about the matches anymore, and are just waiting for the second round knockout matches to start.

heck, I even fell asleep halfway thru the Brazil match last night, the second straight night I'd fallen asleep watching a match. Yes, I was THAT bored.

besides, most of the groups have been settled already anyway. England, Ecuador, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Holland, Portugal all through oledi. only the inconsequential teams left. Oh, and hopefully by tonight, Spain will be thru too, of course.

The only groups left that have not had a single qualifier is the Italy-US-Ghana-Czech group and the Korea-France-Swiss-Togo group (the Spain group don't count yet lar. tonight only we'll know). And based on how all the teams in the group played in the second round of matches, either team that goes in would be fine. I don't give a crap.

(though I still want Czech to go through. and for Ghana to knock Italy out)

So, while these teams are still fighting for a place in the second round, I'm gonna be catching up on my sleep in preparation for the REAL matches to start.... Germany vs England anyone?

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