June 23, 2006

Liverpool FINALLY sign a player

Haha randomly googled that pic and found it funny. =p

Bellamy Joins Reds...

Bellamy's First Interview With LFC.TV

He kept going on about how he supported Liverpool as a boy that I really hope he shows that on the pitch and does well for Liverpool.

Hopefully, we'll get Alves and Kuyt too.


And here are the fixtures for the first Premiership day of the 2006/2007 season.

Opening day: 19/08/2006
Sheff Utd v Liverpool
West Ham v Charlton
Arsenal v Aston Villa
Bolton v Tottenham
Chelsea v Man City
Everton v Watford
Man Utd v Fulham
Newcastle v Wigan
Portsmouth v Blackburn
Reading v Middlesbrough

Important matches:

23/08/2006: Liverpool v Newcastle [Postponed due to CL]
09/09/2006: Everton v Liverpool
16/09/2006: Chelsea v Liverpool
16/09/2006: Man Utd v Arsenal
30/09/2006: Man Utd v Newcastle
21/10/2006: Man Utd v Liverpool
11/11/2006: Arsenal v Liverpool
25/11/2006: Man Utd v Chelsea
02/12/2006: Arsenal v Tottenham
09/12/2006: Man Utd v Man City
09/12/2006: Chelsea v Arsenal
01/01/2007: Newcastle v Man Utd
20/01/2007: Arsenal v Man Utd
20/01/2007: Liverpool v Chelsea
03/02/2007: Liverpool v Everton
10/02/2007: Newcastle v Liverpool
03/03/2007: Liverpool v Man Utd
31/03/2007: Liverpool v Arsenal
14/04/2007: Chelsea v Man Utd
21/04/2007: Newcastle v Chelsea
21/04/2007: Tottenham v Arsenal
05/05/2007: Man City v Man Utd
05/05/2007: Arsenal v Chelsea

Strangely enough, I don't know why I can't find any Newcastle-Arsenal fixtures. =S

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