June 12, 2006

Another Reason not to Watch the World Cup in the US of A

Commentator Bob 1: We're into the second quarter of the second half at the Soccer World Cup betweem Eye-ran and Mexico, The game is tied up with one score each, and Bob 1, What do you think of the United States team, huh?

Commentator Bob 2: I think the United States have a good chance in the tournament, oh wait, Eye-ran in transition with the ball, but what a steal by the Mexican defender

Commentator Bob 1: Yes, and now, a turnover by Mexico, what a reverse by the Mexicans, who qualified for the World Cup in second place in the CONCACAF behind the United States, who will play Ghana tomorrow, only on ABC.

Commentator Bob 2: Yes, be here at 9am tomorrow Eastern Standard time to see the UNITED STATES start their campaign, against the Czech, who are the favorites, we think, to finish behind the UNITED STATES in the group.

Commentator Bob 1: Now it's a corner kick for Eye-ran, who take it, the ball swings out, and Mexico steal the ball.

Commentator Bob 2: You know, Mexico were behind the UNITED STATES when they qualified for the WSoccer Superbowl, and all credit to them, because the UNITED STATES are ranked 5 in the world, and the team is optimistic that they can do well this time.

Commentator Bob 1: You are watching the World Superbowl series here on ABC brought to you by BUDWEISER, the official beer of the World Series, and Bob 1, I spoke to our boys yesterday and they said "Like, we're really good, dude".

Commentator Bob 2: Yes, they have a good feeling that it is their time to win the Soccer World Series,and in Brian McBride, we have a world class soccer shooting forward, and a shoo-in for the All-Star game...

Commentator Bob 1: And now, Mexico are on the offense, and but the OH! a mistake by the Iran defender lets Zinha steal the ball! Zinha passes to Bravo... and SCORE! MEXICO TAKE THE LEAD!

Commentator Bob 2: Yes, full credit to the Mexican team, but some awful defence by Eye-ran who let the MExicans in. You know, when the UNITED STATES beat the Czechs this Monday, 9am on ESPN2, Eastern Standard time, we will be up against Italy and Ghana next, in what the pundits are saying is the 'Group of Death', which is true, because besides the UNITED STATES, who are ranked FIFTH in the world, there are Croatia and Italy, and it is going to be a tough group indeed for Italy to advance, after all, they only have three World Cups, but the UNITED STATES have won the World Series hundreds of times.

Commentator Bob 1: Now, Mexico are agin in transition, and Mendez has the ball, and he puts it in the area, and.... SCORE!!!!!! MEXICO INCREASE THEIR LEAD TO TWO POINTS and surely they will go on to win!

Commentator Bob 2: Yes, Mexcio have done well, and on this result, we think the UNITED STATES will be able to do well too. So Bob 1, who do you think are the players to watch in this World Series?

Commentator Bob 1: Three players, Bob 2 - Ronaldinho, that Aowen kid from the UK, and of course, Brian McBride, star quarterback for the Fulham team in the UK.

Commentator Bob 2: And now, sorry to intterupt you, Bob 2, but the final whistle has sounded, and we now have the final standing of Mexico 3, Eye-ran one, and what a game it has been. We now bring you back to the studio where our expert analyst ALEXI LALAS, who was the UNITED STATES STAR CENTREBACK in the 1998 World Superbowl will talk about the game highlights, and the UNITED STATES' chances on Monday.

Commentator Bob 1: Yes, remember to tune in then to our boardcast, brought to you by BUDWEISER, the OFFICIAL beer of the Soccer World Series...

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