June 20, 2006

Football Mad Nation, Kick It

World Cup Season. Sigh. With all the football matches shown on TV, it is inevitable that the sprot will become a fad, the new IN thing. Futsal courts will see a huge surge in rentals, people who have never kicked a ball are stocking up on kits, balls, socks, boots - only to let them gather dust when the Finals are over.

It's just like Thomas Cup when everyone including the old aunties take out their wooden badminton rackets and start hitting balls across their fences. Sigh.

I am extremely disheartened to admit that my mates are not immune to this 'fad'. We are playing way too much futsal. Here is a list of injuries sustained by me and my mates:
  1. One torn ankle ligament.
  2. Another with two torn ankle ligaments.
  3. Me with swollen ankle and shin.
  4. One strained thigh.
  5. Another with sprained ankle.

What a long list of injuries. If the World Cup doesn't end soon, we would all be hobbling around in crutches.

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