June 01, 2006

HANTU BOLA DANCE CLASS: The Croucherena (Beginner's Lesson)

We at Hantu Bola pride ourselves on being always up-to-date on the latest football crazes. So it was that when this story on Guardian came up:

C'mon everybody ... Let's do the Crouch!

...... we decided to take it upon ourselves to teach our loyal readers how to do our very own spin-off of the Robot Crouch dance - The patented Hantu Bola Croucherena!

Presenting... Part one of the special Hantu Bola dance class!

The Croucherena (Lesson One)

Before you start the music, you must assume the proper Crouch-Dance pose, like this:

Now, the music comes on... (Any music will do. It doens't really matter. What matters most are your MOVES, you groovy babeh!)

First, the easy steps. The first steps goes like this (Click for larger picture):

Yes, it's that easy.

Now, once you have mastered the first sequence, we are now ready to move one step further. Assume classic Crouch Dance Pose once again, and here we go, a-one, a-two, and a-...

Now, boys and girls. we have learnt the two basic steps of the Croucherena. We will now teach you the final sequence of arm movements, which you must master before you can move on to the intermediete lesson.

For the third sequence, it does not start from the classic Crouch Dance Pose, but you are supposed to go into it directly after you finish the second sequence.

Hence, we shall now demonstrate:

Note that the sequence finishes in exactly the same pose as when it started, which is called the Crouch Repeat Arm Position (CRAP). The CRAP is the position in which most of our Crouch dances are derived from, and is designed so that you can switch to any dance move or sequence you want.

Therefore, when you get into a CRAP position after the third sequence, you can either choose to repeat the same sequence all over again, or go into the first/second sequences.

Remember boys and girls, practise makes perfect! With time and enough practise, you too can master the Croucherena, and can use the CRAP to dance effortlessly!

(Next lesson: The Intermediate Croucherena leg movements)

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