June 26, 2006

Hantu Bola Gathering poll: Germany-Argentina or England-Portugal?

Does anyone fancy a Hantu Bola gathering this Friday (Germany-Argentina) or Saturday (England-Portugal)?

Personally, I'd rather watch the Germany-Argentina match than the England-Portugal game, but I shall leave it to you guys to decide which is better for our NEXT HANTU BOLA World Cup gathering.

As for location, I'm gonna go with Souled Out in Sri Hartamas again, because we still have a bottle of Jameson whiskey sitting on the shelves there... provided we can get a table, that is, which means that YOU GUYS need to tell me by TODAY whether you'd prefer to watch Friday or Saturday's game, so that I can book a table!

So what are you waiting for? Comment comment comment fast fast fast so we can decide which match to have the gathering for!

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