June 17, 2006

The Multiple Groups of Death

You've only conceded only two goals in your previous 12 competitive matches, you're in a so-called Group of Death, and you're playing Argentina next.

So what do you do?

Why, you catch up on your Goals Conceded tally, of course.

Argentina were fucking awesome, almost all their goals were pretty damn good, and most of them were team efforts. The amazing thing? Not a single penalty or free kick. Nope, no dead ball goals in all six of those goals.

Looks like it WAS the group of death after all. Or for Serbia and Montypython, it was more like the Group of GENOCIDE.

And what of the other Groups? Don't they deserve to be called Groups of Death as well? Well, I guess so. The Portugal-Angola-Iran-Mexico group is also a REAL Group of Death.... death by boredom.

Then there's the US-Italy-Czech-Ghana Group. ALSO A group of death, according to the Ahmehricuns. Since they got slaughtered 3-0 in the opening game, I'd say it'd true for the US team, at least.

And any group that has Brazil in it should be called the Group of Death by Assassination, even though Croatia only got hit with one bullet.

France-Togo-Swiss-Korea? For France, it's the Group of Death by Old Age. After all, if you'd watch the France-Swiss match, you'd have died of old age by the time ANYTHING happened at all.

Then there's the Spain-Ukraine-Saudi-Tunisia group. A real Group of Death, this. Although in this case, no one cares who dies (as long as it's not Spain, that is).

And Poland should just go drink themselves to death for playing possibly the WORST football in this year's tournament. Oh wait, that's England, who also seem to be dicing with death in each of their games so far.

Anyway, enough of all this morbid business. Last night's Holland and Ivory Coast match was also damn memorable, not just because of the football.

While it was fun to see Robben diving and Drogba playing volleyball again, the game was even better because we watched it with the BIGGEST Hantu Bola group EVAR in Mont Kiara's Chakri Palace!

Who was there? Well, there was me, Vincent (The Gehbeng guy), Tigerjoe (and gal pal), the awesome Sic6sense (Hantu Bola's most loyal supporter!), the pretty Scorkes and Senorita Lyn (aka. Miss June), and even a femes blogger.... KY and friend! Even The Snark turned up halfway thru (but left halfway thru as well).

All in all, a pretty good outing, dudes. Sorry about all the changes in venue though. Haha.


In other Non-World-Cup related news, check out who Liverpool just bought....

Liverpool to sign Bellamy for £6m

Oops, there go Lilyliverbird's hopes of Owen ever coming back then....

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