June 15, 2006

Post-First Round Armchair Punditry

So... After the first round of matches, I shall now predict who will be in the Quarter-Finals, in true armchair pundit fashion, disregarding all possibilities but the most obvious...

- Spain (4-0 against Adrei Shevchenko was too easy, true; but they played the best football I've seen so far, not that I've seen EVERY match lar...)

- Italy (Wow, they actually ATTACKED, AND scored more than one goal...)

- Czech Republic (Looks like the midfield'll have to come up with the goals from now on, since all their strikers are crocked...)

- Holland (The Oranges have come Unpeeled!)

- Argentina (Riquelme, Messi, Crespo, Saviola. Who's gonna write them off?)

- Brazil (Unless their defence fucks up, they should be up there...)

- Germany (I don't like them either, but they're the hosts...)

- Mexico (yeah, the second-placed team behind the UNITED STATES looks better than England, Sweden, France put together)

Do bear in mind that this list is based on what would be my imagination, and disregards all the improbabilities caused by the format.

Oh, and never mind that the draw probably wouldn't allow a lineup like this. Based on the FIRST ROUND alone, I don't want to see ANY other teams in the last eight.

Where's ENGLAND? Who fecking cares?

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