June 18, 2006

The Chakri Experience

OK, OK, I gotta post because Grand Master Eyeris has pulled the whip on me and threathened to have me replaced if I don't post anymore. Apparently not posting will earn you the boot (especially since he's only allowed to have two female Liverpool supporters ... and he's got someone else on his mind).

BAH. Men are SO fickle.

I din blog cause I was SICK ok.

but anyway, after many, many days of recovering from a serious throat infection, I was finally no longer infectious healthy enough to go out into the general public. I was excited to get sms-es from the boys regarding the Hantu Bola meet.


When I first got there, sic6sense was very vocal about being anti-camera.


Wei. During the last meet, I only posted ONE pic of you and you weren't recognisable behind the Liverpool scarf you were hiding behind la.

Sporting a bit la ....

Anyway, I was rushing when I was leaving the house so forgot my camera.

The so-called Games of Death didn't really manage to get my blood boiling. We were late so by the time we got to Chakri at approx. 10.30pm, the Argentina-Serbia & Montenegro game was well into play and the score was 3-0 in Argentina's favour. It was pretty trilling to watch the subsequent goals but since it was only Argentina widening its lead, which morphed into a massacre, bo syiok la.

While waiting for the Nederlands-Ivory Coast game to start, we started to heckle Vince who was leaving for Gehbeng the next day. Eyeris was trying to get me drunk by making me very stiff drinks. Vince and I are technically off our antibiotics but should not be drinking since we were not yet fully recovered.

Yeah. So much for that.

I was rather high during the 2nd game (thanks to Eyeris!). Not that many goals ... but the Ivory Coast goal, IMHO, was rather cool. It was amusing to watch all the fake dives ... replays in slow mo were pretty hilarious. There's probably a lot of stuff from the game that's going to make it to YouTube which are probably good watches but since my Streamyx is still down and I am on dial-up, I'm not going to be the one who post em here k?

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