June 16, 2006

Lampard for Man of the Match!

Ah crap. England won. I was hoping T&T could get another 0-0.

At half time, I was already midway through a post about how crap England were, how Crouch STILL can't head the ball and shouldn't try overhead kicks anymore because his legs are too long and take too long to reach the ball (by the time they do, the ball's gone), how Joe Cole is England's Christiano Ronaldo, how I won a bet with Vincent and Sicsense for correctly guessing that Sven would be so desperate that Rooney would be sent on as a sub in this game, and how T&T were going to go through to the second round.

Then Crouch (Wow, Crouch actually managed to head the ball properly...) and Gerrard had to go and score. Oi, score for Liverpool enough lar, you two.

Oh, and since Lampard got the Man of the Match award for his two shots against Paraguay, he should get FOUR MOTM awards for this game, for the EIGHT shots he had on goal!

PS: I hereby nominate Crouch's missed scissor kick as the best shot aimed at the corner flag in a World Cup EVAH!

PPS: 23 shots and only EIGHT on target? BUAHAHA! England's gonna win the imaginary World Cup by scoring the most goals aimed at invisible goals!

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