June 10, 2006

My First day of the World Cup in Soccerland

Germany vs Costa Rica:
  • Turned on TV, saw FEMALE 'expert' panelist, apparently a former World Cup winner. Women's World cup lar.
  • Only saw the first goal in first 5 minutes, then had to go to 'work'.
  • In between interviews, manage to turn on the TV in the room.
  • Collective groan from me and token English reporter and whoops of joy from German reporter when we see that Germany are leading 2-1 at half-time
  • Turn off TV in time for next interview.
  • Turn on TV just in time to see Germany's third goal, then had to turn it off again when Kevin Spacey came in.
  • finished work, turn on TV, damn, match over
Poland vs Ecuador

Poland were shite. Nuff said.

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