June 16, 2006

And This Is From The UK's Worker's Union...

I just had to put this here. Amicus, (UK's largest manufacturing union or something like that) is giving tips on how to take time off for watching World Cup Football while not getting fired...

Check it out here:

World Cup fever



(LATEST UPDATE: We will be at FINNEGANS SRI HARTAMAS instead from 9PM onwards, because Souled Out is FULLY BOOKED tonight.)

Fortunately for us, we don't need to follow those guidelines today, because it's FRIDAY! And there are two cracking matches from the REAL Group of Death (Not the one with the Ahmericans in it) - Argentina versus Serbia & Montypython, and Holland vs Ivory Coast.

For our SECOND impromptu Hantu Bola World Cup gathering, we will be at Souled Out in Sri Hartamas once more tonight for the two games.

We will probably be there from 9:00pm (Update: yes, It WAS supposed to be 7:30pm, but things change, ok?) onwards, and like Vincent said
here, there will be Jameson (it's a bottle of Whiskey, not a newspaper editor) at the table.

So DO come along and join the fun! If you never seen any of us before, feel free to email us at
hantubola@gmail.com BEFORE 5pm today, for details on how to spot us...

Oops, this footnote has turned out to be longer than the actual post itself... sowi, simon... :P

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