January 09, 2006

HantuBola Outing - MAN vs LIV

Here we go, here we go, here we go...

It's the Mancs against The Scouse Louse!!!

Date: Sunday, 22nd Jan 2006
Venue: Souled Out in Sri Hartamas
Time: 11pm onwards

Kick-off is at midnight, and some may hesitate at that, but what is a Monday hangover to a real footy fan, right? Come one, come all - bring your friends, darlings and hamster if you must. First three jugs are on me; but don't cry if you are late and Eyeris or Vincent has already polished off the third jug. I will probably be at Souled Out much earlier than 11pm though, as I'll be watching Chelsea take full points against Charlton. *fingers crossed*

There are plenty of scouse fans following this blog, but I'm not sure about ManYoo fans. Anyways, I'll be wearing a red top and helping Vincent deal with the Liverpool fans. After all, seeing the scousers drop points at Old Trafford fits in nicely with the Chelsea agenda. *ppphhhbbbbttttt*

See you all there.


p.s. If we can't get a decent crowd going, the venue might be changed to my place instead. That will depend on what people think though, as I know not many are keen on driving into downtown KL. Look on the bright side though, if we have to move the venue to my place, there's a bottle of single malt calling out to you.
[photo of Stevie G dry-humping Rio Ferdinand was googled]

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