January 03, 2006

Bah. It HAD to end at Bolton, didn't it?

FUCK! No record 11 straight wins! FUCK!

TWO defensive errors, TWO bloody goals conceded. There goes our 'Best Defense in the Premiership' title.

I HATE it when Liverpool play Bolton. I knew the minute I saw Traore on the teamsheet, we were NOT gonna win it. Hyypia had a bad first half, and even Carragher could have given away a penalty.

I also think I damn jinx. I didn't watch the last three matches, and we won all of them. And funnily enough, the matches I DID watch - yesterday's match and the World Club Championship Final - we DIDN'T win.

Maybe I should stop watching the matches.

Bah. Fuck it all, I'm going to sleep.


Unknown said...

Bro, we should watch CHE vs LIV at Nisa 2 pub @ Ikano Centre. It's done up as a Liverpool hangout, so maybe you won't feel so bad when LFC get their butts whupped like gays in a biker bar.

vincent said...

I seem to remember this


Is it OK if I start laughing now?

eyeris said...



screw you guys, I'm going home!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I think Rafa made a miscalculation here.

A full strength team against WBA at home, followed by a weaker line-up against Bolton away.

Even I know that's a recipe for disaster.

At least we got away with a point. Phew. Given our past Xmas games record, this was a pretty good set of results. And we did it without spending 300 million quid. Heh.

Bex said...

I agree with you on that Sashi, it was certainly mind-boggling as to why he chose to field the strongest possible team against WBA and a very defensive-minded and relatively weak team against a team like Bolton.

Well, at least we came back and fought hard I suppose. I hate playing physical teams like Bolton and I was very surprised with a lot of things Jamie Carragher did yesterday.

Oh and Vincent, laugh what? As if your team never concede ANY goals before lar.

Anonymous said...

Nola where got miscalculation. If you play a weaker team against wba, you have chances to lose. Bolton are always a tough nut to crack. So would you play a weaker team against wba and risk losing and play a hard to crack team with your best team? Go for the one with better probablity right. Anyway 31 points out 33 is good enough for a team still under construction :)