January 30, 2006

finding faults

A sign of a club's greatness can often be determined by the way they are treated by the general public and by the stinking FA and the fucked up British press. For instance, Chelsea and Micheal Essien have been slaughtered in the press for those two tackles - which were no doubt horrific, but not something Steven Gerrard hasn't done before.

As for Manyoo, we have proven that we are not a spent force time and time again this season. And as a punishment for that, we keep getting slaughtered for shit that happens on and off the pitch. The latest incident of course is the outright biased judgement of the FA and the Greater Manchester Police force (all obviously stinking City fans) in proscecuting our great Captain Neviller.

Fergie: "Neville is being victimised"

Furious Sir Alex Ferguson has blasted the Football Association's compliance unit and claimed Gary Neville has only been landed with an improper conduct charge because he is a Manchester United player.


And, to provide evidence for his claims, Ferguson cited the examples of Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher during the Merseyside derby on December 28, and Robbie Fowler's reminder to United fans of Liverpool's five European Cup wins at Eastlands earlier this month.


"Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher ran the full length of the field with their fists raised at the Everton fans recently and not a word was said.

"At Manchester City, Robbie Fowler ran past our fans showing five fingers, our fans surged to the front and the stewards had real trouble dealing with them and not a word was said then either.

"The FA compliance office only reacts when the press writes it. That is a fact and it can't be right.


In terms of consistency, the greatest injustice was committed by the Greater Manchester Police who were the first to complain about the whole ruckus. But this is absolute bollocks because the incident with Fowler's 5 fingers happened just the week before...in MANCHESTER.

I was pissed with Fowler for scoring, but I didn't fault his celebrations. A player who has played for Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester City and doesn't hate Manyoo would be nothing short of a mercenary. Similarly, any Liverpool fan who doesn't hate a full blooded Red like Captain Neviller would be looney, but surely there was nothing wrong with him taunting them the same way they taunted him?

And as for you JAMIE "I've got a girl's name" Carragher, shut the fuck up already about Neville crossing the line. He didn't fucking throw a coin into the crowd did he?

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