January 04, 2006

Clean Sheets all Around!!!!

Thank goodness I didn't stay up for this match.

Arsenal 0 - 0 Manchester United

Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd: Stalemate at Highbury

Arsenal 0 Man Utd 0

Wow, banyaknya kosong. Well, on the bright side, you've got clean sheets all round!



Unknown said...

Some say that Arsenal has no balls without Vieira, and ManYoo osso got no balls without Keano.

Last night's result seems to show that both ManYoo and Arsenal got telor.

Let's do a gathering for MAN vs LIV bro, want or not? I buy the first two jugs.

Anonymous said...

Ini 2 teams sudah hang cheh

vincent said...

Its got nothing to do with Keane. I blame that fucking portugese cunt face who masquarades as a 'talented' footballer.