January 23, 2006

european champions? you're having a laugh!

Okla, I'll be fair considering we scored in injury time, cleared a ball off the line, and was lucky that Ciise is no Van Nistelrooy. It was an evenly contested game and a draw would have been a fair result. I can't even speak right now, cuz my throat is all sore from the singing and the shouting.

However, I met a lot of n00b manyoo fans who can't seem to sing a song to save their lives (besides Glory glory Man United - which is an absolute shitty song). So, I have taken it in me to educate the glory hunting scousers who might wanna switch allegience at this moment.

This one is called U-N-I-T-E-D and is sung in every game at Old Trafford, without fail.

United are the team for me
With a knick knack paddy wag
Give a dog a bone
Why don't City fuck off home

It is sung in the tune of the famous nursery rhyme, so if you don't know how it sounds like, please shoot yourself in the head. For just now's game, the word City could be conveniently replaced by Scousers.

The next one, and more appropriate for just now's game goes like this:

You are a scouser, An ugly scouser,
You're only happy, On Giro day,

Your mum's out theiving,
Your dad's out drug-dealing,

Please don't take my hubcaps away.

(In the tune of You are my sunshine)

And heck la. I swear.......I tried to be nice and everything......BUT I CAN'T STAND IT!!


European champions? You're having a laugh!

A special shoutout goes to sic6sense. THANKS A BOMB DUDE!

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