January 01, 2006

A Quickie!

Like Bex, I also have been quite naughty and have not finished posting up the other four players which I don't like but seeing that it's New Year's Day today ... I just feel like it's not right to be bitching on the first day of the year.

Y'know .. bad karma and all that sh*t.

I've been busy tweaking my new blog template and also settling last minute end of the year crap at work. So. Tak de masa mahu post kat sini


when I was at the hawker stall, this headline on Malaysian Today caught my eye ....


...... and I knew I HAD to post. This kind of info all must share share wan right?

*tee hee hee hee*


vincent said...

Heheh.....Syok sendiri saje with a half baked opinion by a half baked newspaper.

Have you seen United play?

Unknown said...

Obviously that newspaper article was written by a wannabe scouser. Get real mate, this season's league title race will be contested by a small group of one.


vincent said...

Yah. A lot of syok sendiri scousers around. Hehehe...the same scousers who worship Peter Crouch.

Unknown said...

all of a sudden not so mad at ronaldo now eh, vince? haha

vincent said...

i am still pissed at him. it is like i always said. he can only perform when we are winning or dominating a game. when the team is down and struggling, he is just about as useful as cygan.

Anonymous said...

and someone stop Crouch !!